Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chairs, before and after

These chairs started out as really bad looking things; what I call really awful "Church furniture". They had had a lot of damage (looks like they lived through a bar fight, or something, from all the breaks and damage) which had been badly glued. Even though they were pretty nice wood chairs, the damage and the bad glue job gave me no option except paint. Which I did. And I upholstered the seats in a pretty shabby chic floral I had on hand.

I only wish I could keep them for myself, but they don't go with my dining room furniture - which I love - so I am giving them up to the shop.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentines Day Banners

Click the links to view in our Etsy shop for pricing, shipping and color options.
"Be Mine" - made upon request.
White heart garland (I can add more hearts upon request)
Red heart garland (I can add more hearts to this as well)
"Love" paper garland
"Twoo Wuv" (Inspired by The Princess Bride)
Kisses and Hugs 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

My "New" Vanity for under $20.00

I used to have a depression era "waterfall" vanity and I fell out of love with it. Last summer, my mom gave me this desk that used to be her sewing desk for as far back into mu childhood as I can remember...
The mirror was something I found at a local flea market and bought for $5. I painted the mirror months ago and had it for sale in our shop; and there were never any takers. So when I got this desk I brought the mirror home because I knew what I was going to do with it.

Desk:Traded my mom for it
Mirror: $5.00
Paint: $0 (I used leftover Annie Sloan "old white", plus a can of something I had that matched the Annie Sloan in color; and I mixed up the blue from leftover this and that in my stash
New Knobs: $12.00  

We moved the big dark old waterfall vanity out to the workshop and this went right in it's place, and I like it so much better. I'll show it "styled" to my decor later.


Before and After: China Cabinet

I had to fight dirty for this piece. Several people were inquiring about it on line and the owner said whoever got there first with the cash could have it - so guess who was there at 8:00 am with cash in hand in the pouring down rain?


It's currently for sale in our shop.  :)