Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thrifty Finds, Black Friday Edition

Okay so it's actually Small Business Saturday. And I haven't done a thrifty finds thing in a while. So here you go. :)

A friend of mine is getting married today.

I am making her cake. (Pics coming in a few days.)

I ran out of rum flavoring, and had to dash to the store for more; and I decided I had to stop in the Goodwill store next door and see what was left after Black Friday.

Lucky for me, there were some things still to be had!

 I am loving pottery pieces these days. They're so organic and farm house-y, and remind me of my Grandmother, who loved to collect pottery.

 Vintage silver plate christening cup and antique child's fork. For my kids vintage shop

 This cool wooden box.... because I have found you can never have too many cool wood boxes, or wire baskets. I'll probably paint this and stash craft stuff in it.

 Vintage metal shelf with a towel bar.... and covered in hideous green paint. I am going to shabby it up and this will be in my shop probably after the new year.

 Green vintage dresses. I actually bought these last week, but anyway......

 60s blue floral print dress. I might keep this one till next summer for myself.... it is so darn cute.

 A really neat blue wool belted shirt from the 60s! I love this thing! Kind of too petite for me (short) so this will probably land in the shop in the next few weeks.

 A vintage wool sweater, and an not so vintage sweater, because it's cold here now, and one cannot have too many sweaters. I love the grey one; it's a little bit big but I am going to wear it with black leggins. It;s the vintage one. :)

Gorgeous black brocade 60s clutch by Dorset Rex Fifth Ave. Keeping this one, I think. I or my sister Noelle might be using it for our other sister, Naomi's wedding in Feb. Our bridesmaids dresses are a very elegant  60s style  black satin - this will go perfectly.

So that is the extent of my Thanksgiving weekend shopping.

Now I have to get back to that cake!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Coming soon to my Etsy shop: scrappy textile cuff bracelets. 

I go the inspiration from a bag of very old cuffs and ruffles off of very old blouses a friend gave me. As well as needing something to do with torn and tattered hankys, pillowcases, etc. etc. that I never throw away.

All the fabrics used on this cuff are basically rags. Tea dyed, ripped, and sewn into roses. I even used the strings leftover from the tearing and shredding. I finished it with beads from old broken necklaces, and of course, buttons. As well as lace trim scraps. 

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in one week! I can't wait. What better than cooking all day, hanging out with family, and then stuffing ourselves with delicious home cooking?! 

Have a beautifully inspired day, lovely readers!