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My name is Hosanna and I live in rural Virginia in a circa 1920 farm "cottage" on 170 acres of woods and fields with my husband, our dog Dodge, five cats, a goat, various chickens, and 11 horses.

I am a bit of an amateur women's  fashion historian and collector;  an amateur home restorer, an amateur gardener and lover of rambling cottage gardens, and a wanna be baker and chef.

 I can never say no to a good yard sale, antique auction or thrift shop; and through the years have amassed a huge collection of vintage clothing and accessories, which I sell in my Etsy shop. While restoring my home, I have been slowly filling it with vintage and antique furnishings and accessories. My goal is for everything in my house to be as old as the house is; or repro. We've got a long way to go with it but it's getting there!

I love growing food and cooking it, flowers & flower gardening, decorating my home vintage/cottage style, crafts and DIY, furniture restorations, great books and movies, horseback riding (hunt seat, dressage and trails), pets (especially cats!), and much more..... that is what you'll read about on this blog.