Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty Awesome Goodwill Haul.

Okay, so I was only supposed to pick up the tractor starter from the repair shop this morning, and pick up some groceries - but I stopped in the Goodwill because it's my habit. Mostly because I have been trying desperately to find and buy the perfect piece of vintage furniture to convert into a bathroom vanity for our upcoming bathroom re-do. Because going to Home Depot and buying a run-of-the-mill, average, typical fake wood bathroom vanity in a box like everyone else has in their house makes my face twitch. I want to do that about as much as I want to install wall to wall carpets back over my hardwood floors. Yep, I'm becoming an "remodelista". A old home remodel "snob", you could say. I want old;  not new, and boxed.

I came away from the Goodwill with a great pile of stuff!!

Oh wow. How about this 1950s - early 60s Hawaiian print romper/swimsuit?! Pieces like this are nearly impossible to find in thrift shops anymore. My eyes practically popped out of my skull and bounced onto the floor.  And it's in a decent modern size, too! Not a mini vintage size like most.....
It had a price tag from a yard sale on it of $.50. Of course, I had to pay more for it.... too bad I missed that yard sale! For sale here.

I got this sweet little 50s cardigan on the $1.00 rack. It's in superb condition, just the kind of cardy I like to wear belts over in cool weather. And it has such a cool applique on the left shoulder! Love. Keeping this one for myself. Sorry, girls.

Then I found this amazing 1970s Italian leather messenger bag (for me) and this great pair of 60s pumps (for the shop). As she was putting the shoes in the bag, the cashier muttered "Those are sharp!" Heehee. Shoes for sale here.

And in the jewelry case, I discovered this 50s pearl circle pin and these sweet enameled daisy clip on earrings (50s).
Pretty sweet haul; I thought.

But I didn't find a vanity piece. The search continues.......

Friday, May 25, 2012

Up-Cycled Kid's Toy = Groovy Signage

I had this mini easel/chalkboard in my pile of yard sale/give away stuff. It was something I got via  my sister in law, or my mom - I can't remember for sure whom. But the kids kind of out grew it, and besides, the dry erase side was permanently marked with my one niece's pretend store policies, hours, and price list for her "items".


I decided to salvage it from the yard sale pile and give it a new use as a chalkboard sign for future yard sales, bake sales, festival tents, and any time I need a handy dandy chalkboard sign.

I bought a can of Krylon chalk board spray paint and a box of white chalk, and after a few hours had my sign compete.

The whole time I was doing the spray painting, I was being watched by a large black snake who had been cornered and freaked out  by my cat Buggs and Dodge. When they started teasing the snake and it started striking at them, I grabbed them both and put them in the house so the poor snake could escape. But he chose to watch me for 20 minutes, instead.


I suppose I should have painted the frame but I was too lazy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Shop Update: Huge $10 Sale.

60s scooter dress. $10.

Another 60s scooter dress. $10.

60s  Red Pendleton wool sweater, belt not included.$10.

Purple plaid romper.$10.

60s Ivory Pendleton wool sweater. $10.

As well as these items below, which are all $10.

60s Blue Ruffle Nightgown

50s - 60s sheer pink boudoir robe

60s Rose print babydoll nightgown

Pink cotton nightgown with lots of lace

Pink nylon nightgown

Brown Swiss dot ruffle blouse

Queen of the rodeo western blouse

50s black jersey purse

Other items are for sale throughout the shop. 

I am not currently buying any new clothing items for the shop, and am trying to sell off all my current inventory.

I have several "box lots" of items (hats, shoes, purses, dresses) available for sale if you're interested please contact me using my email address witch is above in the "contact" tab; or leave me a comment below.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Platform Shoes

Guess what.

Despite what some may think,

the 1970s did not invent, nor does that decade own, platform shoes.


They've been worn since ancient times, and in the 15th and 16 centuries to display elevated social, or aristocratic status, in many European cultures. 

Of course the Chinese wore them as well; men as well a women; to make them taller, and also as a sign of social status.

My Dad tells about wearing platform shoes in the 70s when he was into the disco  scene.

My favorite era for platform styles is my favorite era for just about anything; the 1940s.

My problem with this is two fold: 1.) I cannot always justify the purchase of 1940s shoes - they can be pricey; understandably -  and 2.) Shoes in just about any and every vintage era were made for mini-persons; seldom have I found vintage shoes to fit my rather wedge shaped, modern 8 - 8 1/2 feet.

So my only option, if I want a vintage look, is to buy modern "retro" style shoes.

Like these I found at Goodwill today, for $4.00.

And they've never been worn, to boot. (No pun intended....) I wasn't looking for shoes; I wasn't needing a pair of shoes like this; but when I find something so remarkably retro, I must buy. In this case, it was a bonus that they're my size. I'll just tuck them away in my closet for future wearing.

They look remarkably similar to these lovelies I found on Midnight Mart on Etsy, no? (Bottom photo.)

Incidentally, I love these 1940s shoes with the bows............

.....................and this little number is to die for.

Many thanks to the Midnight Mart for the use of their photo in this post.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Garden Salvage: My FREE Garden Planter Box/Stand/Thingy

I realize that some people - maybe even some of you reading this post - may think this kind of thing is tacky junk. Whatever. I respect everyone's opinion.

But this it totally my style! I call it "junque".  It's "salvage". It's rustic. It's up-cycled, it's green, it's eco-friendly, it's free.

Yep, free. 

The wood box, I pulled out of the dumpster down the road; all I did was nail one side back together.

The wrought iron stand is an old aquarium stand I got from my parents when they cleaned out their garage recently.

Wood box + old iron stand = groovy- as- all- get- out- planter. (It's turned around backwards as there is some childish painting of someone's pet gerbil, or something, that lived in the aquarium this came with, a long time ago. I haven't painted over it yet, so I just turn it around till I do.)

I popped some begonias and thyme in there.

Brutus has taken to following me around as I work in the flower beds, sulking when I don't sit and pet him for an hour. I guess he's entitled to some sulking at 15 years old.

I find that working in the garden and flower beds helps  me wind down in the evenings.... quite relaxing. And ensures an excellent night's sleep.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vintage Jewelry Boxes

So awhile ago, I thought I'd start a collection of vintage jewelry boxes, but it's one of those things I'm not that crazy about - and kind of gets in the way. So, I'm letting them go. I am continuing on my getting rid of excess "stuff" rampage from earlier this year, that started with my New Year's Resolution to simplify and organize my life. I am proud to say I am still getting that done!

 However, I am keeping my largest one with the multiple trays for stashing my jewelry inventory.

Heh heh. :D

For purchasing info, click the links to visit their respective pages in my Etsy shop. 

Small blue jewelry box

Med. coral jewelry box

Large coal jewelry box

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Up-cycled Vintage Hat.

I bought the black fascinator above as part of a box lot of hats at an estate sale this spring; and put off listing it as a "needs TLC" listing; as I don't like to do too much of that.  It's veil was in tatters and pretty much worthless, but the rest of it was okay.

I did finally list it; for about a day; then I took it down.

I cut it apart and glued some of the flowers onto a plastic headband I covered in a black velvet ribbon.

I think it turned out okay.

It's available for sale here.

PS: I have been struggling and struggling with getting larger photos on this blog. Sometimes editing the HTML works, sometimes - like today - they turn out totally distorted. I really wanted to have larger pics of this item to show it in more detail. I am going to be seeking the help of a blog guru here shortly, or I am going to move my entire blog to Wordpress and be done with Blogger. I am extremely grumpy about it.........

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Carolina Roses On The Road

What a fun day.

 I didn't sell out like I was hoping I would (I am at the point of wanting to get rid of everything and start all over from scratch) but I made my rental fee back! I love dealing with customers in person! I learned some new things:

 - Always have a helper. Today I took my niece Abi. I have a feeling as she get older we're going to be good partners in this business. :)

 - My stuff will NOT fit in a puny 10x10 space. I only put out half of what I brought.

 - My SD card does me no good if it gets left in the computer at home. Luckily, this festival was 10 mins. from my house so I ran back for it.

I hope I get to take my stuff on the road more often this year! I had SO much fun.

Friday, May 11, 2012

1950s Swimsuits for Bombshells.

I decided to go ahead and list my swim suits before booth day tomorrow.

 1950s Blue "cone bra" pin up style swim suit

 1950s Black skirted swim suit 

I love both of these but they're both a little large in the bust for me... otherwise I just might be keeping them both for myself!

I am hard at work listing new stuff today, as well as getting all my things together for my booth at the May Festival tomorrow. Getting everything tagged has taken me over a week of working on it in the evenings.

I've also spent all day messing around with different table set ups and stuff......cramming everything into a 10x10 space is going to be a challenge! I am not able to bring as many of my antiques and collectibles as I thought. Maybe I should have bought two spaces. Oh, well.

Photos tomorrow after we get done!

So excited.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Morning On The Farm

A mid week day off from work = strawberry jam, gathering eggs, smelling the flowers...... and trying to relax a huge headache away.