Saturday, March 31, 2012



This is my sister Naomi and I, following our performance at a local educational type of "Bach Festival" this afternoon.

She is wearing a 60s style wiggle dress and belt (a la Joan from Mad men) with a really awesome vintage style pair of shoes she got someplace and I am totally jealous of.

I am wearing a cotton eyelet 50s style dress (thrifted) and a pair of shoes my other sister wore in my wedding four years ago.

 I had washed my hair and blow dried it, then immediately set it in hot rollers, so I could style it a bit; but when I took the rollers out, the whole thing flopped and my hair was just a dry, frizzy heap. Note to self: never - ever - wash, blow dry, and set your hair in hot rollers in one morning and expect any kind of favorable results. FAIL!!




(FB friends will have already seen these; I figured I'd share them here anyway.)

Also - I have decided this dress really adds about 10 lbs. in photos! Oh my goodness.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Running Errands Outfit

With warmer weather here I'm wearing more vintage clothing.

My winter time wardrobe tends to lean heavy on the jeans, boots and sweaters and layered looks.

My summer wardrobe is far more vintage and leans heavily to the rockabilly side sometimes.

Today, I had to return some things in town and pick up a few items before lunch and singing rehearsal with my sister and our vocal coach; our last rehearsal before we perform at a "Bach Festival" tomorrow. (Yes, one of my little hobbies is singing classical music.... I also used to play a lot of classical piano but not so much anymore. :/)
I have an alto voice and my favorite thing to do is sing in choirs and small vocal ensembles. Especially with my sister(s) and my bffs Su and Lis. :)




Dress: Vintage,  estate sale
Wedges: Thrifted
Bangle Bracelet: Thrifted
Handbag: Cheapo woven thing from Wal Mart I've had over 10 years now
Dog: gift      ....................    LOL   .............. (he was, though)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

After Work.....



Jeans: (My favorite pair!) GAP
Audrey Hepburn Tee Shirt: Etsy (Chi Town Boutique) (LOVE THIS SHIRT - they have a Marilyn tee shirt also. And they're quite affordable.)
Shoes: Jessica Simpson, thrifted
Bracelet: (Bakelite?) Thrifted

I didn't start out the day in those purple suede Jessica Simpson heels, oh no. I started out the day in boring flats.

It was my short day today so after work, I had an errand to do for a friend; that took  me right by my favorite Goodwill - so I had to stop in for a visit.

That's when I discovered the shoes. A tad big for me, but I don't care. What did I ever do without purple suede heels?!

I got them for $4.00.... yay!

Anyway I got home and inspected some of my other purchases....



Nope. Cute, but not for me. Find it in my shop later today.... would be perfect for a Titanic/Downton Abbey outfit. You can't see it in these photos, but there is a lot of velvet trim and a big swoopy feather..... Downton Abbey all the way!)


Love these shoes....

Oh, hey there puppy face! Cute widdle puppy face doggie......Mommy missed you!!!


Kicked up my purple suede heels and chillaxed. Till it was time to bust my booty doing yard/house work!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Shop Update: Spring Sale

It's springtime (here in the US) and I've been sorting through my personal clothes stashes as well as my shop inventory. Some of the items on sale right now in my shop are fall/winter items or things I have had around for over a year and they haven't sold - obviously. If it doesn't sell I "purge" it....  so my buyers can benefit from my Spring Cleaning.

These dresses are 50% off:

Green 70s era cocktail dress $20.00

Pink 60s - early 70s cocktail dress $20.00

Yellow 60s formal gown $22.50

Raspberry Pink Romantic 70s blouse, also 50%  off - $6.00

Wool Herringbone 50's style (1970s) circle skirt, 25% off - $15.00

These accessories are on sale as well.

60s "mod" color block shoes $15.00

Brown suede shoes by Naturalizer, $12.00

Brown velvet and satin 1950s "halo" hat, with veil  $10.00

Black velvet 50s "halo" hat, with veil.$10.00

All the discounts are applied to the listings already. My business philosophy is as sale is a sale is a sale is a sale. No coupon or promo codes, no special sales for blog readers or Facebook friends only; nope.

Remember, portions of all sales in this shop go to L*PIDA / The Nepali Rescue Project.  Both organizations raise money to fund efforts in Nepal and India to rescue and restore women and girls who have become slaves in the human (sex) trafficking scourge that is worldwide. My sister Noelle heads up the L*PIDA effort, and they are planning a trip to Nepal soon, to see how the money raised has set rescued women up in small sewing, crafting and beauty salon type of businesses! I am so excited, I wish I could go too. 

Friday, March 23, 2012

Victorian Dress Shop Update

Totally by accident, at two different shops, I found these two dresses that could have been made from the same exact pattern:



Both that classic 70s Gunne Sax style dress from the "Victorian Revival" that happened during that time. Dresses like these make me think of models in those those fantastic early "Victoria" magazines. 

This dress reminded me of that white dress Princess Lea wore in the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope, 1977). I wonder if a bride has ever wanted to channel Princess Lea for her wedding? With the whole buns on the side of her head hair-do? Hummmm. A Star Wars wedding...... LOL!


Okay, so this one is not Victorian. It's a 50s cotton shirtwaist day dress. One snagged at the estate sale I wrote about a few weeks ago. But it is new in the shop also. :)

Dress One

Dress Two

Dress Three -Sold-

Dress Four

Friday, March 16, 2012

Pictures Of My Littlest Babeh Ketteh

Buggs, a few weeks after we adopted him last summer:

Buggs, a few days ago:

He has grown up quite a bit from this:

(Flea infested kitten whose mother was killed in the road near where I work and was found wandering around with his sister. The sister was adopted by my co-worker)

To this:

(Teenage piglet cat who never seems to stop eating, and when he is not eating, he is lazing around in bed, or having adventures outside in the backyard, or wrestling with the other cats  - much to their annoyance) 


Wave at all the nice readers, Buggs.......


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Original Pinterest


My pin board that hangs over my desk.  

Monday, March 12, 2012



A hyacinth bouquet, from the yard.


Not to be confused with Hyacinth Bucket ("It's 'Boo-kay'!"), from the hilarious British TV show "Keeping Up Appearances".

I just happen to love both.

Also, this is my 444th post on this blog. 

That is all.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Floral Shop Update

So, I'm trying to add more pastel and floral things to the shop with Spring approaching - and get away from so much black! :) Daylight savings time began this morning - my favorite time of the year. I love lengthy daylight in the evenings; especially as the weather warms up. It's garden time!!

60s Floral beaded bag

Silver tone and pink enamel 50s necklace

Pink floral cotton 50s (or very early 60s) day dress

Flour Power Apron! Tee hee

3D metal flower circle pin in blue, 50s

Links to buy these items are in the descriptions below; or visit my entire shop by clicking the "shop" tab above.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Estate Sale Finds.

An elderly woman about a quarter mile from my house passed away several months ago, and the family is liquidating her possessions - including 50-60 acres of trees for timber. This week they held an estate sale in her home.

Estate sales are kind of creepy, in some ways.... after all, you're sifting through the accumulated possessions of the person's lifetime. I always feel the creepiest when going through the bedrooms. All the most personal effects.... I always find myself whispering at estate sales; being ultra careful and respectful. It all just so sad.

Today I had my most depressing estate sale experience of all (to date) - when I opened a small attic door, and peered inside, I saw a large, old suitcase. I asked the woman running the sale if I was allowed to look in it; she said yes. When I opened it, I picked up a bag, with a cotton print dress inside, and noted that there was a hand written note pinned to it. I began reading it.....

"... This was the dress I was wearing on (so and so date in the 40s) when my 7 year old son (so and so) was killed by a car in the highway in front of our house.........."

I stopped reading, and set it aside, it seemed so private. I knew the woman had a child who had died but I did not know he had been struck by a car. A few seconds later the woman came back and picked up the dress and note, saying that that was the one thing the family had asked her not to sell from the clothing piles.

When we (my Mom and I) came upon a huge box of the deceased boy's clothing and shoes, and a Dick and Jane reading book with his photo taped on the front, it was very emotional.

Never the less, I still buy things at estate sales, because I take them into my home and give them a new life - or sell them to others, who give them a new life! So that is a happy aspect of estate selling.

Anyhoo; I bought a PILE of stuff, but no furniture; the hoosier cabinet I was considering was already sold and nothing else (furniture wise) fit my cottage style decor. (What I really want is an iron bed! Dagnabbit!)

Here are some of my favorite things from my truck load I brought home..... textiles and glassware, of course. My two biggest loves!

Fell in love with these two aqua cut glass footed dishes and the Homer Laughlin serving bowl with the pale aqua rim and the apple blossom painted in the bottom!

Print aprons from the 30s, flour sacks from the 30s (carefully folded and stored in tissue lined boxes, no less) and this roll of pink floral print cotton - that I have no idea what to do with; it was just too sweet to pass up.

8 floral print cotton dresses, 30s - 40s. Some of the dresses I found were threadbare and in complete tatters; I didn't buy those.

It was a good sale; the woman running the sale, it turns out, owns one of my favorite antique/garden shops in town called "Enchanted Surroundings". She came over and asked me for my contact info so when she runs other estate sales, she will give me a ring so I can get in on her action! Woot.

Thanks, Dora. Your things will be well loved again. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Vintage or Not - Clues For Dating A Vintage Garment

I purchased this lovely blouse on eBay last week - it was listed as 1940s. I adored it in the photos and had to have it; lucky for me it was a "Buy It Now" listing so I didn't have to compete for it.





However - I don't agree with their date of "1940s".

There are no tags to go by, but vintage (and non vintage) garments have certain clues in them that can help you date an item without tags.

- The material is extremely sturdy. I would expect a cotton blouse from the 40s to be a little more delicate. The fabric has a nice "aged" look to it; no longer white, but more creamy ivory with some age spots. So at first glance, one's brain might say "vintage". But you have to look closer.

- There no tags for a maker or distributor, but there is, sewn into the side seam almost to the hem, a tiny cotton tag with a "12". I am not certain, but I believe they did not start putting size tags in most clothing until off the rack clothes became more commonplace post WW2. Plus, this blouse has the measurements of a modern size 12. A vintage 12 would be much much smaller - closer to a modern 4/6.

- While I was noting this size tag in the seam, I took a closer look at the seams. Seams in vintage clothing can be a tell-tale sign of the decade in which the item was made. The seams on this blouse are machine serged.  The machine serger was invented sometime in the 20s,  but didn't really show up much in North American clothing manufacture until the 60s. Until then, most seams were pinked. In my blouse, the edges of the seams are very finely serged.

- The buttons on this blouse are plastic. And while I know there were plastic buttons in the 40s, most often you find shell buttons on clothing from the 40s; or older plastic buttons. The buttons on my blouse have a distinct modern design and are in a modern-looking  almost translucent, "cheap" plastic.

- The lace on the hem of the blouse indicate that it is meant to be worn on the outside of whatever pants or skirt you're wearing it with. There was not much wearing of blouses un tucked in the 40s at all. That came more in the 50s for sportswear and casual looks. 

My guess is that this blouse is an 80s nod to the 40s. 

I still love the blouse; and I didn't harass the seller or leave them nasty feedback. They're a large volume seller and probably just didn't take the time to closely inspect the blouse before listing it as vintage 1940s. I would have bought it even if they had properly dated it in a more modern era.

I just thought I would take the opportunity to shed a little light into dating vintage/antique clothing and clues to look for when you're shopping.

There is so much more info from fashion history on dating garments, but I only mentioned the clues in this particular piece.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Accessories Update

Sorry for all the shop updates. I just don't have other things to blog about right now. Plus, I got rid of my worthless Facebook fan page; so when I list new items I will post them here.

So here are some of the new accessories I bought on my "junking" trip last Friday with my Mom:

Mink Collar - 40s - 50s

Black Crepe Handbag - 50s - early 60s

Equestrian style loafers by Pappagallo - 60s

Italian kid leather gloves with embroidery - 50s

Black faux reptile pumps, 60s

I'll have a lingerie update later this week. I hope y'all don't get annoyed with my shop updates. I like to share the pretties.

All of these items are for sale in my Etsy shop. You can click the links below each photo in this post, or you can visit my entire vintage shop by clicking the Vintage Shop tab above.

Remember - a portion of all sales in my shop are given to the Nepali Rescue Project to help rescue women and girls from sex trafficking in India and Nepal. Thank you!