Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Birthday Present To Me!

*Sorry for the missing photo - again! This is the second time in three days that blogger has eaten my photos*
I had originally bought this for my Etsy shop but as I handled it and photographed it, I fell in love; and now it is mine. I bought it at an antique shop. The tag said: "1930s Pin". I am no antique jewelry expert; but this is a "Coro" brooch (or "scatter" pin -) and the font in the Coro stamp was one used from sometime in the 20's through the late 30's, according to my research. I thought it was very appropriate - as the stone is my birthmonth stone, and the thing if from the 30's era, and I turned 30 this year........... cheesy, I know.

I don't feel 30; but then I don't know what 30 is supposed to feel like.

And when I pondered my last 30 years and looked forward to the next 30, and what I would change about my life, or try to do differently, I came to this conclusion: I would change nothing about my 30 years so far.

And, as for the next 30? .......I just want more of what I am doing now; except for maybe a bit more traveling around and visiting places.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

...The missing photos......

Sometimes I despise Picasa/Blogger...... like when I post pics directly from Picasa to my blog, and one hour they're there, and the next hour they're not........!
 Fixing this now. Sorry.

What IS This?


The thrift shop price sticker on this thing was stuck on what looks like an antique store tag; it's hand printed and tied on with a little ribbon bow. The Antique store price was $8.00; I got it for $1.50. And I have not the slightest clue as to what it is! I bought it just because I wanted to figure it out. The antique shop tag says it's a "Vanity Dish". There is nothing remotely "dish" about it; unless there is a missing piece. There are no moving parts on it. And it was painted white over gold tone metal. The bottom is a bit corroded underneath; however, I don't think this qualifies as "antique". So - what are your guesses as to what it is? If someone can tell me exactly what it is, I'll send them a cute, free gift from my stash! How 'bout that?


Strawberries are coming into season; and even though the local farms in my area of Southside Virginia/ North Carolina aren't producing for a few more weeks, the grocery stores have cheap berries - and they taste pretty good, too. So last night we had the first strawberry shortcake of the spring! (PS - yesterday morning and early afternoon , we had snow flurries and dreary cold temps. Fickle, fickle spring!) 

I usually make shortcakes for eating with strawberries and whipped cream; but last night I felt like pound cake. My husband says it is the best pound cake ever. I say it's not too bad, myself. I don't remember where I got this recipe; but it is written in that old fashioned way; if you know what I mean - so it's probably old:

 Butter and flour a large loaf pan; or two small ones. Preheat oven to 300. Cream 1 cup of soft (unsalted) butter, and 1 and 2/3 cups white sugar. Beat in 5 eggs (room temp.) one at a time. When creamy, fold in two cups of sifted flour and 1/4 tsp. salt. Spoon into the pan and bake 1 1/2 hours or until done.

*The parenthesis are my additions

 It turns out beautifully. I used to make them for the local Amish market.

And finally: Sadly, I have decided to remove myself from the antiques shop where I had my "booth" for the past 6 months. Business is slow; my items aren't selling there (but they are on line); and I simply do not have the time to work enough on the weekends to fulfill my end of the bargain for renting my space. Now I have to begin the daunting task of bringing it all home to the upstairs  storage room I have prepped as my "inventory stash" room. I'm even going to doll t he room up shabby chic style. I bought a frilly pink petticoat slip for $1 on Etsy that I am turning into a frilly window valance.... among other cute things. No storage room will ever look better once I am done with mine. :)

 Don't forget to leave a comment with your guess for the mystery thing above to get a free mystery gift! And don't forget to stop and smell the flowers this spring!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


I found the website "Ruche" somehow or another, and very nearly cried the first time I looked over the items for sale there. There is a lot of vintage inspired indie clothing on the site that is just tasty enough to eat. But pricey! Nevertheless - It's worth a look if you're wanting to free yourself from "retail sameness". These were some of my faves:

#1: This is so, SO "nineteens" - 1910 - 1920. Think Downton Abbey -  my new favorite costume drama.

#2: How 1950s is this plaid camp shirt? I need it to wear with my vintage jods. (But not for $95.... on sale.)

 #3: 1930s - early 40s repro! It's almost like the designer used a vintage 30s/40s pattern - I have the perfect hat to go with it, too.

 #4: This dress is just classic. Pure classic. *sigh*

 There were so, so many others - too many to picture here. You must simply go to the site and see it all for yourself! They have jewelry (reasonably priced) much like what you find on Etsy; as well as accessories and purses and shoes to die for. Unfortunately, many of the items were sold out, or there were only one or two left to be had - so you have to move quick if you want something really bad.
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

1970s Goes to the Office

Well..... aren't you a cute fur.

May I take your sleeve?

Tee hee, you're such a funny fur......

I promise this is not going to turn into one of those "outfit-a-day" blogs. There's plenty of those out there. But I do want readers to know that I not only sell vintage, I wear it when I get the occasion to do so. I don't wear vintage every day like some of the "die hard" vintage lovers do, though. (I greatly admire those girls who have that kind of dedication!) I do, however, keep and wear much of my purchases, and have a personal appreciation for it. I loved vintage and wore vintage before I sold the first thing in my shop. Just so ya know.

Here, I am wearing a new piece I bought to sell, but decided to keep - a 1970s polyester button down, collared dress in cream and brown; with a flattering a-line, high waisted skirt (great for my - *ahem* - curves) and a matching belt. It is in pristine condition; like it was never worn.

The 1970s is not necessarily my favorite fashion decade; but this was too cute to pass up and not overly tacky - IMO. Somebody else might think it the grodiest thing they ever saw!
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Find of the Day

I broke down and stopped in the thrift shop this afternoon.... I know I said I was going to save up my money for the big weekend with my Mom in 2 weeks, but hey! It's my birthday today! Aaaaand I am turning 30! So I figured I deserved a little indulgence.

Anyways, I found these shoes. Yellow leather slingbacks with a fantastic botanical print all over by BC Footwear. They fit me. They're practically new (still have the stickers). And they're just so silly (for my conservative dressing self) and spring-y!

And it didn't hurt that they were three bucks, either.

More on being 30 later.
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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

VERY Basic Flower Arranging

These are my birthday flowers; from my parents.


 They're the Sam's Club variety spring bouquet of sweet pea, a rose, two pink carnations, a green daisy thing (Can't remember the actual name) and some fillers like purple carnation and some other kind of little purple flower that looks like a weed. (Sorry. I am not good at recalling all the flower names.)

But after a few days of them sitting on my table in the green florist vase, they just looked mashed together and as if they were languishing... so I had to arrange them. :)
 I am not super good at flower arranging, like my girlfriends Susi and Lisi; who had a business arranging flowers for weddings  not long ago. I had occasion to help them with the flowers for several weddings  - including my own; and I picked up a few skills along the way - although not anywhere near theirs.

 Anyway - so I picked out one of my favorite vintage vases, and a vintage "frog" - a heavy metal thingy that helps the stems stay in position.



 Next I cut all the stems way down - from about 14 inches to only 6, 7, or 8 inches. First I stuck in the rose, the green daisy thing, and the pink carnation - now only 1 carnation, as Dodge snatched one when my back was turned and shredded it! Grrrrrr.......


Then, I used the sweet pea and the other little fillers to fill in the gaps; trimming the stems to lengths needed to get a proper shape; without long leggy things sticking up all over.


After that it still looked like it "needed" something, so I put a couple stems of white and lavender hyacinth in the gaps. Now, it was perfect and smelled wonderful, too.



 I love Spring!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Recent Vintage Buy.

Oh..... hello there. I've had a busy few days. With Spring arriving, I've had lots of things to do outdoors and around the house.

I found this coat recently and bought it - for a mere $6.50. It is in perfect condition - satin lined, and a soft brushed camel, in a traditional trench coat style. From the early 1950s, from the looks of the label.


 I am just a little sad that I discovered it right as the weather is warming up, and I will have to wait till next fall/winter to wear it out much.


 I look rather awful in these photos.... I am a little sleepy and sun burned from the weekend outdoor activities.

 And lest you think I'm not wearing anything under the coat - I am:


A cute little brown 1960s textured wool number I bought  from Carol at Dandelion Vintage. I love her website; I have bought several things from her and I adore every one of them. This one was missing the zipper; which I replaced.  

I am also wearing the shoes I wore for my wedding three years ago; and a neat little vintage 50's pin I bought the same day as the coat but at a different shop; for only a "coupla bucks". 



 I haven't been shopping for vintage in the past several weeks; as I am saving my funds for a big weekend coming up.... the first weekend in April I am heading to a "rummage" sale at a auditorium back home in North Carolina with my Mom. The following day we're headed to a huge outdoors yard sale up in Virginia; along with stops at some thrift shops, a vintage shop, and several antiques stores in the vicinity. I am excited! I have a cash stash started in a tea pot in my china cabinet. :)

I'll be sure to document the trips with my camera and share the fun times here.

Happy Spring, everyone!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thrifted Bookshelf

This is my niece (4) Emilie posing next to the bookshelf, which is in the guest/kids room. I decided to paint the back of it blue; as I had blue paint lying around and thought it would be cute. Not that you can see it once the shelf is full.
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Vintage Victorias and Other Random Stuff

Yesterday I came home to find a package from my Grandpa on my back steps. I opened it and found this lovely Breyer model:


He's always been so supportive of my equestrian endeavors and of my teaching career, when I was still teaching. He called me and cried with me when one of my horses was hit in the highway and killed, and rejoiced with me upon all my wins and near wins during my trips to the show ring. He's also sent lots of books over the years. He's the best Grandfather ever. :)


 I don't eat cereals often, and even when I do, I never eat them with milk - soggy! But recently I discovered how I love almond granola with low-fat yogurt; and this morning I had it with some very decent hot house strawberries I got for $1.00 a qt. Usually I cannot stand store bought, hot house strawberries, but these were surprisingly juicy and actually tasted like strawberries are supposed to taste. Mmmm. I was so impressed, I took a photo, and decided to mention it here. Silly me.


 I bought this awesome book case at the Salvation Army thrift shop yesterday. For $8.00. It is solid, heavy wood, weighs a ton, and very sturdy. I despise flimsy particle board Wal-Mary variety shelving - they always look saggy after a while. I have been looking for solid wood book cases and this was perfect. So was the price.  I am going to paint it, of course; after I do I will show you the finished product.

I recently started looking for 1980's issues of Victoria, because they're getting rarer and rarer, and more and more expensive. I found these 6 copies on Etsy and bought them from this seller. They're all early issues; including the 2nd issue of the first run! She said she was going to get her hands on the first one and let me know so I could buy it, also.


This is the second published issue of Victoria Magazine.



 I love Victoria and started reading it in the mid 90's; all the way up until they quit publishing it around 2002 or '03 or something like that. They're publishing it again; but I haven't subscribed yet.
 Very little changed in the 80's - 90's; except for the hairstyles of the models and some of the fashions they show are decidedly 1980s (aHEM); but I forgive them.
 The loveliness is timeless, and the style is forever. When I need inspiration I turn to Victoria and she never fails to deliver!




Friday, March 4, 2011

New Feature

I labeled all my posts and categorized them into neat and tidy sections so it's easier to find posts on topics that interest you rather than sort through manually. Check it out in my sidebar. Have a great day!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Laura Ashley 1950s Revival

I bought this at a thrift shop this morning:


It's a classic 1980s or 90s Laura Ashley "1950s revival" dress. (In the 80's there was sort of a 50's fashion revival; along with the birth of the modern day Rockabilly "scene".)
Before you think I have gone off the deep end of the vintage fashion pool, hear me out on this dress......

The dress has a full skirt and built in crinoline. It has classic 1950s lines, and even the print is kinda 1950s. It's cotton. It's also a size 14 and quite large for me. (I had to kind of hold it up in the back for it to look right for a pic; thus my hands behind my back.) The waist sits too low - just a tad below the natural waist, a-la 1980's -  whereas a real 1950s dress would fit right at the waist.

 I bought this to sell in my Etsy shop, but when I got it on and fiddled around with it, I discovered that if I folded the skirt 4-6 inches up under the waist band thingy, it brought the hem up to a 50's standard level and brought the waist into a more natural spot; giving the whole frock a true 1950's vibe:


However, as you can also see, it adds a lot of bulk to the waist making me look bulky and "pregnant". So. I think I decided to keep it, and get my Mom - who is an awesome seamstress - to help me reattach the skirt several inches shorter and maybe jack up the waist band thing a few inches, and take it in in other places to fit me just right. Then I can wear it to summer parties and weddings with 1950s accessories, and nobody would know it was 1980s except you blog readers! Lol. So what do you think?

By the way: while I was at the shop I bought this adorable handbag, which will be in my Etsy shop this afternoon: