Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

My Family and I spent a lot of time at our pond this weekend, hanging out, grilling, and fishing. The weekend started on Friday with the cutting of hayfields, and my brother, Noah, and his family coming up form Charlotte with a couple guests wanting to experience the counrty life. Saturday, I took myself off to a Mary Kay Facial party where I had my face and hair done, a photo taken, and ate some cheesecake before trotting off to the barn where I rode for a little while. On my way home, I drove by one of my brother's hayfields and saw half of the family out there picking up hay - nobody told me! We picked up almost 400 bales of hay and it took up until dark; when we quit and ate pizza at my house.

Sunday, we unloaded hay into our barn amidst a rainshower. Some how, I got a miserable sunburn on Saturday, despite the overcast skies. We all hit the back pond for a little fishing and tailgating. The kids loved fishing, and were pulling them out of the water one after the other. Abi got a fishing lesson from Uncle Kevin. Eli and Sherry grilled the steaks and hamburgers; and we made a small campfire for toasting some marshmellows before everyone headed home. Noah and his friends camped out in the cabin he built at Mom and Dad's farm.

On Monday, all the guys came over to plant a cornfield and do some other field work. Noah and I cooked breakfast for them: one and a half dozen eggs, two pounds of bacon, home made buttermilk biscuits, with sweet butter and marmalade, and coffee in a mason jar. I packed it all in a picnic basket and Noah carried it back - where they consumed every morsel. After the field work was done, they decided to stay back at the pond and do some skeet shooting; while I sat on the porch with my sisters-in-law and the kids and chatted.

Everyone was at my house for dinner, after which we hit the pond for more fishing. I didn't fish, I took pictures and dug up worms for the kids. It was a long, and totally fun weekend. Kevin and I agreed, it was super fun; more so than Christmas! This was a weekend that will go down for the record, as the most awsome Memorial Day weekend ever. I highly reccomend weekends like this; they are good for the heart - even with the greasy hot dogs, sausages, ptoato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and potato chips.
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