Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Coming soon to my Etsy shop: scrappy textile cuff bracelets. 

I go the inspiration from a bag of very old cuffs and ruffles off of very old blouses a friend gave me. As well as needing something to do with torn and tattered hankys, pillowcases, etc. etc. that I never throw away.

All the fabrics used on this cuff are basically rags. Tea dyed, ripped, and sewn into roses. I even used the strings leftover from the tearing and shredding. I finished it with beads from old broken necklaces, and of course, buttons. As well as lace trim scraps. 

I can't believe Thanksgiving is in one week! I can't wait. What better than cooking all day, hanging out with family, and then stuffing ourselves with delicious home cooking?! 

Have a beautifully inspired day, lovely readers!

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