Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Sister's Wedding, the Fashion Edition

This is a really crappy photo, but it's the only one I got on my camera showing my sister and I's vintage inspired bridesmaids dresses full length.

My sister the Bride decided she wanted black dresses on her attendants; and she let us pick what we wanted. The other 4 girls were "honorary" bridesmaids, and they  entered the church and lined the isle, holding lit candles, since the theme of the wedding was "Lover Of The Light". (A song by Mumford and Sons, which was also the song we all entered the church to -  including the bride!) my sister Noelle and I dithered about what to wear; whether or not we wanted to match, etc. etc. I looked all over the internet at just about every dress out there and nothing settled with us. I have a dozen or so vintage, black cocktail dresses in my closets and we had pretty much decided to just wear those, when I discovered the dresses above on eBay for $50.00 with free shipping.

I decided to order one, just to see it. It was perfect and my sister loved it; I loved it, so we made our decision. Then I bought black crinolines from a seller in China for less than $20 a pop - which was waaaay cheaper than a lot of crinolines I looked at from US sellers. We just had to wait forever for them to arrive.

I did wear a vintage beaded belt with my dress, which you can't really see here. We carried simple baby's breath bouquets that I made, and wrapped with jute twine.

 My sister Noelle showing she's got swag. Also, my brother's girlfriend Lindsay behind.

 My sister Naomi and our parents.

My sisters and I, and our niece Abigail, who is wearing one of my vintage dresses.

Everyone waiting around on pews for their turn with the photographer. The girl in the foreground is also wearing a vintage black velvet sheath dress.

I have decided letting bridesmaids pick their own dress within a color boundary is the way to go! So much less stress, and everyone ends up liking their dress, and can wear it again, probably. 


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Beautiful the vintage dresses. :)

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