Friday, March 22, 2013

Farmhouse Style Shelf

My new job working at a local Amish bulk foods store is right.around.the.corner from my favorite Goodwill store; so you can imagine where I go on many of my lunch breaks.

So I found this thing there the other day. I didn't get a before picture... but it was plain pine boards. It reminded me of something someone would have made in high school wood working class, or at a camp, or something. The thing just doesn't make a lot of sense - kind of like the unidentified thing in my last post!

So I bought it, after much dithering, and gave it the ol paint treatment with my plaster of paris "chalk" paint. Then I glazed it with my Rust-oleum "java brown" glaze which gives it the lovely tea dyed look, and waxed it with Minwax finishing wax, and added porcelain knobs that were from the buffet project.

It's cute as a button, and heavy as all get out! If I had more counter space, I'd keep it.

Oh well.

It is for sale, but not sure if it's going to Etsy; it's sooooo heavy no one will want to pay shipping on it. :/ It weighs like 15 lbs.

 Well happy Friday everyone, hope your weekend is great!


Julie said...

It makes just the right place for cookbooks and recipe cards in the drawers. Very cute.

cmccaffery said...

I love it!