Monday, May 20, 2013

Auction Junque

Hubby and I spent two days at a local estate auction and we really hit the box jackpot.

Because of work I had to be in and out and couldn't stay, so I had pointed out this box to him and said I had I had my heart set on it.

Several people told me it was from the WW1 era, but I am not sure about that. I am sure that it is filthy, and full of junk, and also that the wood underneath the filth is gorgeous. Kevin had to buy a whole "row lot" for $30 to get it, but by gosh, he got it for me! I am so happy with it.

I also got this wood box for $2.... it's pretty big - steamer trunk size.

This was also on top of my list:

I have been  hoping for, and kind of looking for, a set of metal lockers for a while. I have been falling in love with industrial looking items, for incorporating into my farmhouse decor... and I wanted a locker for storing my crafty stuff and my paints/tools in . This one is pretty beat up, but reparable... my buddy Carolyn and I decided to split it, if we won it - which we did, for $100.00! We're going to split it in two lengthwise, one part for me and one for her. :) I almost can't believe I got it.... wow. 

We got two truck loads of stuff.... and Carolyn's husband got the locker on his trailer and moved it. As usual, much of it gets taken directly to the dump, because you end up with so much garbage when you purchase row lots and box lots. There were tons of goodies as well, though... lots of industrial stuff, since it was a  shop and old country store they were emptying out. Fantastic junk!!!


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