Thursday, February 12, 2015

Three alarm nightstand

You're probably assuming I need three alarm clocks to wake me up in the morning.


No, I just like them, and this is three out of my collection that I happen to like the best.  They don't work. They just look cute and serve absolutely no purpose.

So this is my own personal nightstand. It started out as a record cabinet:

I'd had it since last summer and never did anything with it; I just put it in my bedroom and kept putting it off while I did bigger more important projects. I like it as a nightstand because it's tall-ish, and  my antique iron bed is really tall, so I needed something that I didn't have to lean far out of bed to reach.

It has these little divider doo dads in it, that Kevin removed before I got this photo. It was rather dusty inside as well. Ewwww.

It is solid wood, but not super thrilling; and lest you think that is pretty wood grain on the bottom and top of the doors lemmie just tell ya - it's paper. Paper, made to look like pretty wood grain.

Post-war furniture like this was made to look modern, sleek, and useful. Homes were smaller in the post war era, and furnishings followed suit. No one, pretty much, was buying huge heavy bedroom and dining room suites anymore. And this kind of furniture was being made to be affordable - so while it was durable, it didn't have a lot of fine craftsmanship or details.

SO anyway I painted this with some random concoction of leftover paint I had mixed up a few months back for some end tables in my living room; so it's like a blue/grey/slightly aqua color. I did the design on the doors with a stencil that I then doctored up a bit. I didn't want to do it in white because that's not the "vibe" I have going on in my bedroom; so I did it in Rustleum's "Java" antiquing glaze.  And I kept the original iron knobs.


I love it.

Happy Valentines Day, everyone!

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