Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Songbird Guitar

I pulled this out of the dumpster a couple of years ago. It is a cheap, K-Mart Christmas special type of thing, made in Japan, pretty much worthless as a useful instrument. It has been sitting around in storage all this time.

So like anything sitting around taking up space these days, it got painted. Then I did this bird design on it, which I based off a stencil I have. Then I kind of embellished it....

It was Kevin who suggested that I do some vines on the sides as well; and it turned out great. He is really developing a artsy eye from all the stuff I've shown him! He has excellent judgement on these things... who would have thought? He's such a "man's man" ..... I never would have imagined he'd have an eye for art, color, and design like he does.

The cool thing about it is ( and you can't see in these photos) that I painted the bird in short strokes and it resembles feathers.

The sad thing is, when I put the polycrylic on it, for some reason the stain on the bottom part where the strings attach bled through and made the whole part look pink-ish. :/

Oh well, it is what it is.

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