Saturday, June 22, 2013

Metal Vintage Necklaces.

My husband bought me this necklace last week at an estate auction. I spotted it in a box lot, and remarked about how beautiful it was.

He bought this much jewelry to get it. So I have costume jewelry to last my shops a year or two. If I don't sell it in lots on eBay just to be rid of it.

My necklace is older than I originally thought; most likely from the late 30s - early 40s, from my research. It it in the trendy "bib" or "collar" style. I just adore it. In all my researching on line, I did not see another one like it.

Some others sorted out and for sale in the shop:

The lady of the house had a real thing for tribal style jewelry, I tell you. Going back several decades.

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Eyelah said...

love that first necklace. It's so pretty!