Saturday, June 8, 2013

The "Salem"

I can't say no to dressers... this one is not the finest quality piece; the back is glorified cardboard, and there were various little cracks in the drawers and on the top. But the rest is solid wood, so I went ahead and bought it when I found it at my favorite Goodwill, that usually doesn't have furniture. The hardware and the pretty wood top were other pluses.

I painted it in a glorious aqua-blue color (Deepest Aqua from Glidden, and DIY chalk)  leftover from another project. The top I did in "colonial walnut" gel stain from Minwax. A little distressing and a little wax and she looks like a whole new animal.....

She's marked "Salem" on the back so that's what I refer to her as. Maybe I'll start giving all my pieces names....

This is the THIRD - yep, the THIRD Saturday in a row I have had to work because of various schedule complications at my job. Mom has been running the shop for me when I have to work my "real" job. Thanks, Mom! I cannot tell you guys how I wish and hope and pray that one day the shop can be my "real" job and I won't need a "real" job anymore!

Tropical Storm Andrea came through yesterday and we just got a lot of rain... but I love tropical rains, all misty, and sideways... turning into a steady downpour. I love our metal roof - nothing like the sound of rain on a metal roof to relax you.

Have a great weekend, folks! :)

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