Thursday, July 18, 2013

Trunk Makeover

I got this trunk at the last auction I went to because it was stuffed together with some other items in a "lot" I wanted for another piece that was in it. But, I had an idea of something I wanted to do with it, so I stopped Kevin from putting it in the load of stuff that went to the "green box". (The dumpster.)

A few coats of DIY chalk paint, some book pages (another auction item that I really didn't buy on purpose) and a little glue and I now have a nice storage chest for craft stuff.

I still have to coat the inside with some mod podge or something. And touch up around the handle and the hardware....

But pretty cool, huh? I make no claims to the original I idea, however; I saw painted trunks on Pinterest and probably the book page idea came from there, too. Ha.

Don't throw things away just because they're ugly!! :)

Yall have a good one; stay cool. And come back and visit me soon.


1 comment:

the Rose said...

Even before the makeover the box clearly had great potential! I love the locks and latches, that sort of beautiful antique look! Very nice job!