Thursday, September 12, 2013

China Cabinet before, before, and finally after

I had bought this china cabinet about 2 years ago in bad condition. Broken glass, gross green interior, drab finish with damage. I decided to try and restore it and sell it unpainted... but it never sold so I just kept it.

But recently I decided to go ahead and paint it. It was sold before I could complete the painting. :)

The glass in the door had broken again, so I had it replaced with plexiglass this time. (I was going to do a chicken wire door, but the buyer preferred glass.) It kind of broke my heart to see it go. I had been using it for so long it felt like part of the family. But, I can't keep everything. And it is loved where it is now, so... all's well that ends well. I highly recommend plexi glass for things like doors which seem to crack and break easily. However, I do also recommend having it professionally installed. 

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