Friday, May 30, 2014

Hardly Aqua Awesomeness.

I decided to needed to try some fresh new colors for this season.

This china cabinet whispered to me when I got it: ".........ppppssst. I wanna be aqua. But I wanna be hardly aqua. Just a teeny tiny little bit aqua."

I complied.

I painted the inside white, as well as the neat little details on the top and bottom. Also - though you can't see it here because my pathetic camera didn't pick it up in the photos - I stenciled a vine pattern on either side of the glass door. I also added Deco style knobs from Hobby Lobby in white, distressed metal.

And, I had leftover paint, so I painted my old waterfall vanity. And, I didn't get a  before pic, but it's easy enough to picture a drab brown waterfall piece, so..........

I also added white accents on this piece.

The aqua is so barely aqua, they almost pass for white. I love it.  If I had my own paint company,  I'd call this color "hardly aqua" or "aqua whisper".

Both pieces are for sale in our shop in North Carolina.

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