Thursday, May 8, 2014

Painted Upholstery - Louis XVI Chair

I read about 200 tutorials on how to do this before I actually got up the nerve to do it. Yep, I'm a very cautious person.

I knew this chair needed something fresh and new, but was dreading - absolutely dreading - upholstering it. I don't know why... I just was.
I got it as part of a partial trade I did with a client on some custom work I did for her, back in October. It is really good quality, but the weird, fake crackle finish disturbed me, and the odd black bird cage print was just a tad faded, but not ripped or anything.

I do not recommend getting the upholstery wet with a spray bottle and then adding the 80% chalk paint 20% water mixture. I recommend just straight up painting it. Otherwise, the  fabric is so wet, the paint just soaks right in and the whole thing is a sopping mess.

Overall, I am very pleased with the result, and would totally do this again!


Denise said...

Looks wonderful

Alicia said...

Beautiful job! I would love to see this entered into our BeSeen! upholstery contest. If you're interested the details are here:
We're giving away a trip to Miami Beach and our monthly winners receive a $50 FabricSeen gift card. Great job!

Bob Ward said...

What a gorgeous looking chair! I love classical pieces of furniture. The way you transformed it into that white and gray perfection is really amazing. I really think it's a chair worthy of the divine. I hope all your future projects meet equal success and elegance. All the best!

Bob Ward @ Allure Treatments