Monday, June 15, 2009

Graduation Day

Here is my "baby" sister, Noelle, with our Dad after her graduation ceremony this past Saturday.
We are very, very proud of Noelle's achievements. Here is a portion of her "bio" that appeared in the programs:

" ..... she attended Veritas Homeschool Enrichment Center, took part in the Cultural Commission Worldview Missionaries Speech Tutorial, Lincoln - Douglas Debate Club and two summer sessions in the Christian Worldview Institute for Students as a Representative and a Senator in mock legislative sessions at the NC Capitol in Raleigh. She has attended several Conservative Leadership Conferences, and is a Generation Joshua Club President. At 16 she joined the USAF Civil Air Patrol with her Dad where they served on staff at Encampment at Fort Pickett for two summers, and were promoted to Senior Commander and Cadet Commander of the Danville, VA Squadron In April 2008. Noelle has been dual enrolled at PCC, maintaining a 4.0 average and was accepted at Liberty University where she will enroll in the Helms School of Government and pursue a degree in Political Science with a concentration in international relations focusing on strategic intelligence....."

I remember when Noelle was born, and caring for her as she grew. She is the "baby" of the family, and extremely unique from the rest of us. She was blessed with a brilliant mind and a natural leadership ability. I believe that she is called to the Nations - in a diplomatic way.
In some ways, I feel like I dragged Noelle along behind me as I got involved in political things. I was involved in local politics, was Secretary of the GOP in our county, ran for office, went to Conservative Leadership Conferences with the likes of Rudy Giuliani, Elizabeth Dole, Fred Barnes, Michael Reagan, and many others. Noelle was right there with me. When she got older and was in high school, she went with me when I was a counselor at the Christian Worldview Institute for Students, and things took off from there; ending now with her acceptance to Liberty University's Helms School of Government. In no way do I believe I am responsible for Noelle's achievement; instead, I thank God that I was able to experience these things with her and encourage her in this direction. I know she will do great things, and I pray that she will always bring God the Glory as her influence extends to the Nations; and that no matter what happens, she will always allow God to guide her in life; whether it fits her plans or not.
On a bit of a lighter note, here is a silly photo of my sister Naomi and I with Noelle's dress uniform shirt and tie with all of her awards, etc. from CAP. (It was displayed at her memory table during the reception following the ceremony.) The dress form is on of mine that I named "Hilda" and "Helga". I can't remember which is which, though. Maybe this one is "Hilda." Also, I am wearing the linen skirt that was part of Noelle's bridesmaid's outfit she wore at my wedding :) . (P.S. Mom made Noelle's dress and sash.)
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catherine said...

Your mom did a wonderful job on Noelle's dress!!! She looked so lovely. :)

Hosanna said...

well, hey there Cathrine! I really liked your dress as well.... it reminded me of Maria's dress in the Dance scene of West Side Story. I like that vintage style.