Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summertime Random

This past week, I have neglected posting here, as I have been excessively preoccupied with my ailing horse, Gunny. If you are interested, read all about it on my other blog, "All the Pretty Little Horses." (Click on it in my blog list in the sidebar if you want to go there.) I have been spending a lot of time pampering and nursing him, and worrying and fretting about him, and writing posts about him and his problem. You all with kids might know how that is..... Kevin and I haven't had any children yet, so I fuss over, and "mother hen" my horses and my pets. I know, it's perverse, but true. But when I have not been fussing over the horses at the barn, I have been enjoying my hydrangeas a great deal (see above) and immersed in two books in particular: "Twilight" and "The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Civil War." My sister Noelle got me into the "Twilight" books; I know, I know, they're supposed to be silly teenage novels about vampires and ware wolves; but I am "sucked" in. ( *snickering* pun intended :)) And as for the PIG to The Civil War; well. I just will not go there; except to say it is a really eye opening read, and there are things not even me, a true southerner and confederate sympathiser, knew. I have also been enjoying the first veggies from the garden:

Potatoes, squash, zucchini, tomatoes, and lettuce. My niece, Abigail, Kevin, and I enjoyed an all-organic, home grown salad with our dinner the other night when Abi was here. We also had a "post graduation" party for Noelle, at the pool, with a bunch of friends. I was told a funny story about Noelle and our friend, Carter Graydon: Noelle rides with Carter to their community college classes often. After class one day recently, they stopped by a drive-thru to get some food. Noelle couldn't make up her mind what she wanted, and Crater was waiting for her to decide so he could order. Finally, he turned his car around and went through the drive-thru backward, so Noelle, in the passenger seat, could order for herself. The customer behind them was ticked off, and called the police. The police showed up, and said they didn't know exactly why the guy had called; but just don't do it anymore. That's one for the memory books.

I went to a wedding on the weekend with Mom; the bride was a former riding student of mine. Another former riding student was there, and she was married and expecting! That was really odd........... to see my grown-up students getting married and having kids. Then Mom and I did our favorite things and went to thrift stores, and scored a few goodies. I got a great wok, anyway. This is how summertime goes for us...... busy with get togethers and parties almost every weekend somewhere; events, gardening, getting up hay, walks in the evening, kids off from school spending time doing country things; swimming, good books, good food, good fun.... what I just call summertime random:
"Whatcha doin'?"
"I dunno. What'ryou doin'?"
"Wanna come over and hang out?"
"Sure! Why not?"
"I've got hot dogs....."
"I'll bring potato salad........"
"I'm headed that direction, a'ight?"
"See ya in a little while!"
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Susannah Forshey said...

Oh yeah. Summertime. Thank you for reminding me of the OTHER things I'm missing out on by having no family/friends around. :( I'd forgotten all about that. Hey, your veggies look AMAZING! I'm drooling just looking at the tomato, especially. GOSH. It's so RED!