Monday, December 3, 2012

Burlap Bunting Banners For Christmas!

This past October (ish) I made some sample burlap banners and put them in my shop. They quickly sold, and the requests poured in, and I have been making and selling large numbers of them ever since. Most evenings find me at a make shift craft table in my living room, cutting, painting, sewing and packing up the banners.
I had no idea burlap was such a huge trend this year; this was something I originally did for my own decor, and added to my shop as a "test".
Well the test turned out great and I have done photo prop banners, custom banners, wedding banners, nursery decor banners.... any and all kinds of banners.

You can view the banners in my shop by clicking here. 

If burlap sales keep up after Christmas, I'm going to have to think about opening  a third shop on Etsy just for the banners - and some other  burlap items I have started doing samples of. :)

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Catherine said...

I love the Rejoice banner. The font is very Christmasy. :)