Saturday, December 8, 2012

Vintage Writing Desk - Before and After

I got this from my mom at the same time I got my black dresser, back in the summer. She bought it on purpose, for me to re-do.

It's 1960s era, Early American style, nice solid wood but with messed up maple veneer in spots. It has taken me months of hit and miss gluing down of layer after layer of veneer that could be saved, and removal of veneer that couldn't.

The weather has been fantastic and warm, so I finally had a chance to get it painted this week, along with several other projects!

I had almost done it in  a paler shade of green but then I changed my mind and went with this vintagey green which actually looks like a 1970s avocado green in these pictures, but I promise it's not.

I don't know what on earth my  mom is going to do with it; she already has one cute vintage writing desk similar to this in storage. But, it's cute anyway, and who knows, she might just sell it or something.

What a great week this has been for painting projects! (I did finally get my hubby's bedside table done as well, very similar to mine from the last post.)

What on earth will I get done next week?! Who knows! I'm really on a roll!

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