Tuesday, January 22, 2013

New Year, New Inventory

I have a whole lot of new inventory I am slowly starting to add to the shop. Purchased locally and also on trips to Virginia Beach. I was so busy with banner sales over the holidays I really neglected my vintage inventory updating. I have even more new items, for later. :)

1. Lemon yellow late 50s - early 60s cardy. (From my closet. I wore this about 1 time last year and never touched it again. It's not a good color on me.
4. 50s red wool suit coat with big wooden buttons
5. 70s wool camp style shirt with belt, like new condition! I love this thing, but it's too short on me.
6. 60s black punps with cool fan "thingy" on the toes

I know the posts around here have been lacking in the interest department lately, for many reasons.

1. My sister is getting married, in about 5 weeks. It's a DIY wedding, and she, my mom and myself are up to our necks in DIYing. It's going to be a fabulous wedding. Burlap, lace, old jars, candy buffet, Mumford and sons soundtrack, crinoline lifted bridesmaids dresses, pie and cake buffet, candle light..... yeah.  A little bit of every kind of indie, rustic, outside-the-box awesomeness.

2. One of my projects for the wedding is re finishing a huge old 1920s buffet for one of the props at the reception. So after my little holiday break following my staircase, I am once again spending a lot of time sanding, and sanding, and sanding, and scraping, and sanding.... and steaming off the layers of damaged veneer, and sanding..... this time I have an electric sander, though. Next is cleaning it, priming, painting, painting again, distressing, glazing, and finally waxing/or applying the poly stuff. My issue is, having to do all of this indoors, in my (large) office room. I hope the weather cooperates with me a few days so I can do the painting, glazing and poly outdoors! Otherwise I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't very well do it in the house with the windows shut on cold winter days. :/ Here is a pic of the buffet:

 3. Wedding season must  be getting in gear early this year, as I have been as busy as all get out with custom banners - mostly wedding, valentine, and baby shower banners. But that's ok! Bring on the custom orders! :)

4. I am also helping my friend with the antiques shop, again. She closed it in October after the last manager she had kind of didn't work out. So, we're putting the things on line and having people come in by appointment to shop. Looks like I have been officially hired to manage the store, again, now that my hectic job ended and has freed me up for doing more things like that. If you're in NC and want to make an appt. to see the shop, please let me know! We want to clean out the inventory, and things are going for dealios. We're probably going to officially re open the shop in the early spring. After I get through this wedding and recover from all of that.

I am dreaming of April and gardening... peonies, iris, lilac, zinnias.... red juicy tomatoes warm from the sun...meanwhile, it's somewhere in the low 20s outside, with a windchill in the teens, and I am bundled up in sweaters with the wood stove keeping me toasty, and Netflix to amuse me when I am not making banners or listing vintage.

I have also been enjoying Downton Abbey Season 3!! Has anyone else?

Stay warm, dears! :)

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