Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Old Barn Treasure

We have several old barns on our property, and over the years they have provided me with many junk discoveries. It seems like each layer of stuff we remove reveals more and more buried - literally - "junk treasure". 

And when others see "junk", I see beauty. And art.

Like these old doors. The screen door makes my heart go pitter patter!! I plan on ripping out the screen and putting chicken wire on it, and adding hooks and things for a back drop/display piece for my booth when I get to go on the road with my stuff; or in a shop, etc. Heck, I could even use it in the house. :)

Then there are other two doors in the same pile; both really narrow. I suspect they're a double door unit for a wide doorway. I've been making plans with the handy Hubbs to make a corner cabinet/shelf with them. They're perfectly chippy and shabby, I probably won't do a thing to them except clean them and poly them to hold the paint down. And the old door handles! Love those. 

I am a hopeless junk addict. What kind of crazy person gets this excited about junk?! Yeah, me. 



Beth said...

People back in the day never threw anything away, did they? I was able to dig through an old garage a few years ago and found the most amazing stuff. You're luck to have all that right on your own property!

Herb of Grace said...

I feel the same way! And having grown up with plenty of bar junk around, myself, living in a fairly "clean" city is quite disappointing. :(