Sunday, May 30, 2010


I went and picked some cherries out of the neighbor's cherry tree the other day, and made cherry jam. I decided it was time for a cherry celebration on this blog.

I love cherries! Not only are they one of my very favorite fruits to eat, they are just so darn cute!

Cherries were wildly popular in the 50s, in clothing, accessories and home decor. So today there are many vintage cherry themed pieces floating around out there looking for loving homes.

Here are some of my favorites from Etsy:

These canisters are just perfect! I love them. They're from Sadie Olive.

How about these realistic looking cherries? They seriously look juicy enough to eat!
They're available from BadassBunny.

Serve up some cherry pie and hand out these napkins to your guests! From Vintage Funland.

Ok, so these aren't cherries.... but they look like it from a distance! This breadbox is so cute. Buy it at Shade Tree Vintage.

Even these shoes look good enough to eat! They're from Tuppence Ha'Penny Vintage and Retro.

This hat is adorned with celluloid cherries. Get it from Madame Sassy Pants.


I love this dress with the cherries and the red ric rac. Available from Redux Delux.

Cover it up with this vintage apron from Vintage Curve.

And lastly, this adorable hair clip from Here Lies Boots.

I'm going to go eat some cherry jam on some home made scones with whipped cream!


Estylo Jewelry said...

Wow, they do look like real cherries. Do you know the material of them? I'm referring to the cherries in a bowl :)
You have a new follower!

Hosanna said...

Thanks for following, Estylo Jewelry! I don't know for sure about the material the cherries are made of; but they are cool, aren't they?

Bessie Nguyen said...

great finds ! I love the cherry canisters.