Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend Plunder



Looky what I found! I stopped by a church yard sale this past Saturday, and they were selling everything you could stuff in a plastic bag for just $1.00. Among some other items, (like a pair of hardly worn black heels with adorable bows), I picked up this pair of classic 1950s RAY BAN cat eye sunnies. The lenses are cracked on one side, but the frames are highly collectible. They're Ray-Bans, after all.

I also scored this black crepe 1940's - 1950's handbag with pink velvet roses and leaves. It's in perfect condition.

I also picked up 5 vintage reproduction tins for my kitchen, which I didn't take photos of. I felt so bad about taking all this stuff for just $1.00, that I ended up making a donation of a few more dollars so I wouldn't have guilt later. I mean, it would have ended up being about five or ten cents per item otherwise.

Happy Memorial day everybody! And thanks to all those who serve, and have served our Nation in the Military.
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~*Nomie*~ said...

Hi! Cute blog! I'm following your blog...found it through Etsy Forum! You can find me at:

juliette said...

Hosanna - lol about the cremations for pet owners! Ha! Yes - please do pass along my name and website and etsy shop. Tell him to link any to his site - I would sure appreciate that - yes, I am branching out to do dogs and cats and all pets! Thank you so much!