Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Girl Can Dream, Part 2

I went to the antique shop, and as I thought, not five minutes went by before one of the owners, who was keeping shop, inquired about my Mother.

I guess it is a country, or a Southern thing - ? Whenever I see any of the locals, they greet me this way:

"Haaaaay there! How have you been, honey? How is your Mother?"

Anyway, back to my local Antique store quest: She asked me how my mother was; and how she was doing since my Grandmother's death a few months ago; how was she holding up and all.

I, of course, respond by reporting that my mother is doing wonderfully, and doesn't know what to do with herself these days after caring for my Grandma 24 hrs. a day for so long.

Other pleasantries ensued: How are my horses; it sure has been warm lately; I haven't seen you in here for a while; etc. etc.

Then I descended upon the hats like a swarm of locusts. I looked at about six displayed on a dresser. I looked at two or three more perched on a chair.

Four more were in the back on an old desk. Cute, but not stunning, and very reasonably priced. Then she directed me to a PILE of hatboxes ..... each containing three or four stunning, exquisite hats.

I was reduced to a blob of jelly as each and every hatbox lid I removed revealed more and more beautiful and unique hats within the tissue clouds.

I chose four. Then I chose another. Then I changed my mind. Then I finally decided on three of the best and oldest. Then I changed my mind again and couldn't remember which box held the other one I wanted. So I had to go through them all again.... darn. There were about 40 hats or more to go through. *sigh*

Finally, I chose three - (for the time being -) a white wool Jane Austen Style bonnet for my own collection, and two for my Etsy shop - a stunning purple one with a feather, and a dainty little black straw and velvet number in perfect condition from the late 30's or early 40s, the shop lady informed me. I will have pics soon.

She even gave me a discount, for being local, and for the excellent conversation I offered during my visit. :) (Not really. It's just that I am local, and she knew my Grandma, and all. )

Before departing, I casually inquired about the next door shop..... and wouldn't you know, it has been rented already, by a member of the Town Council. He is doing absolutely nothing with it, but as soon as it was empty, he pounced on it, just to get it before someone else did. This is how small towns operate..... it's just the way it is. So, Jack, another town council member, who serves with me on the Historical Preservation and Beautification Society Board of Directors- and who happened to be in the store while I was there, and who is the brother of one of the owners - suggested I ask the guy about the shop. But, I doubt I would be allowed the front rooms with the windows, as he is rumored to be putting some antique furniture in there to sell, and he'd want that window space for his items. Understandably.

So.... my brick and mortar shop dream is on hold again; which is fine with me; as I really don't have the numbers in my business yet to be thinking about opening a shop shop.

And I think I will go back tomorrow and buy some more hats - because when I showed my husband what I bought, and told what I spent, he said, innocently:

"Is that all?"

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all!

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