Friday, August 13, 2010

Meet "Spook"... and a couple of other things

Well, I've done it again.

Another poor, neglected, abandoned, hungry, pitiful, whimpering kitten has found it's way into my life, my heart, my truck, and finally into my house.....

So, I had seen this poor little kitty, on the porch rail of this run-down house I pass by to feed my friend's horses at her farm. Trash in the yard, shady-looking tenants, and 2 rough, loud and mean-looking pit bulls discouraged me from getting out of my truck and investigating.

Last week, the people were gone.... leaving the dogs, the cat, the trash all over the yard, a refrigerator on the porch, and the poor kitty. Still, as I would drive by, the pit bulls would be running next to my truck, barking ferociously, and I would look on to the porch rail, where the little kitty would be perched, trying to keep safely away from the mean dogs.

Yesterday I pulled up, and the kitten was sitting in the middle of the dirt road.... the dogs were gone, no one was around.... so I was compelled.

I leaped out of my truck, and held out my hands to the poor kitty. "Here, Kitty," I said. It came to me, crying. I picked it up; and noted how thin she was.... luckily I had a kennel in the back of my truck I had just picked up from my parent's house for our new puppy due to come home in 2 weeks. I put her in, fed the horses, and took her home right away.


Notice she is all white, with a blue eye and an amber eye. She is at least 12 weeks old. She has fleas, and ear mites, and is about half starved. Plus she has a nasty sore on her neck; either from scratching fleas, or from where she may have been manhandled by the dogs. I don't know.

So I called my vet's office immediately, and wouldn't you know he is on vacation till the 18th.... grrrr. Oh well, I guess even vets need a little time away.


So we decided to keep her and "look for another person to take her", but it's only day 2, and I am getting more and more attached by the moment.
We have to keep here confined to the kitchen until I can get her to the vet; b/c of the risk of fleas getting all over the house, and because she could infect all the other cats with ear mites.
In the kitchen I can clean and disinfect things every day.

I already have her litter-box trained, and she already knows what it is when I open the fridge. She is weaseling her way into my heart and I don't know if I can give her up.

We are thinking of calling her "Spook".

Anyways........... on to the other things -

It's AMA Super Bike weekend at the Virginia International Raceway not 5 miles from my house here in Alton,VA. They have this race they call the "Big Kahuna".

ESPN and other TV networks, as well as somewhere between 25,000 and 30,000 fans go to this race over at the track not 5 miles from my house. There are TWO ways to get to the track.... the 2 lane highway going past my front door, and the 2 lane highway going through my home town 7 miles up the road where my parents live, where we keep our horses, and where I still spend a lot of time. All 25,000 - 30,000 fans drive by my house or by my horse farm to get to this "Big Kahuna" race.
The TV equipment scrambles our TV, radio, and often, my Internet signal. They have helicopters flying around for the aerial shots. The gas stations run out of gas, snacks and drinks leaving nothing for us locals. The traffic is insane..... madness. I hate it. So I just wanted to let y'all know that.

Also. My little sis Noelle and I have been watching the BBC version of Bleak House. I love it. It is one of my faves now. Check it out. I got it through my Netflix. :)

Well, it is off to the kitchen with me, to clean Spook's litter box. Also wash dishes. And mow the grass. And weed the flower bed. And get the mail. And.... well, you get the drift.

Have a wonderful day........

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Denise said...

Such a sweet little kitty, you need to keep her. I'm a sucker for foundlings as well which is why I have four cats.