Sunday, August 29, 2010

Meet Our New Puppy.




When I lost my old dog, Sebastian, last November, I thought I was done with dogs for awhile - I never thought less than a year later, I'd be a dog owner again!
But, things transpired in our lives and we have been blessed - yes, blessed! - with a new best friend.

The above pictured doggie, our 7 week old yellow lab; who we have named........


We didn't want him to be a "girly dog", so we wanted to give him a good "manly" name; a sturdy, American, tough-dog name. After all, he is going to be a farming, hunting, outdoor-everything companion dog; even though for the moment, he is just a lovable little cream puff.

(My husband and I are unable to have natural children; however, we do plan on trying to adopt a child, or an embryo, at some point when the timing is right. So in the meantime, we satisfy our drive to love children and have a family by obtaining pets.
I shutter to think of what our child will be named, when we have a child, considering our track record on naming our "fur babies": Brutus, Cosette, Phileppe, Sebastian, Splat, Spook, and now - Dodge.)

Our first 24 hours with Dodge went something like this:

"You may not chew on Mommy's antique chair legs, dear. Nor the table. The rug is a no-no also, bud. Now stop that, we don't chew on Mommy's riding boots. These are your toys; you may chew those to bits if you like. Don't bark at Spook. Pee-pee outside. Don't run after Phileppe or he is going to......!.....whack you upside the head, just like that. I'm sorry. What a mean old kitty." Etc. Etc.

But I don't mind. He is such a obedient, compliant, laid back, easy going kid.

I love this cuddly puppy stage.....and I'm going to enjoy it while I can, before he grows into a big, strapping, "manly" man's dog, and returns from romps in the woods with Kevin, covered in pond slime and bird feathers.

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Hopscotch Dandelions said...

Awww he looks like a super happy pup!

Catherine said...

Lol! I love your description of the first 24 hours. :D

Lisa T. said...

Congratulations! Hide your shoes.