Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Delicious Thanksgiving Memories

Okay, so I mentioned some really ethically important Thanksgiving memories in my last post; this time around will be much more delicious.

Our family's traditional Thanksgiving meal is more of the old fashioned "yankee" variety - despite our Southern home.

The thing is, my Mom is a Northern (Yankee) transplant, and my Dad is from the Deep South (Louisiana.)
I was born and raised in North Carolina, and consider myself a true Southerner - but it is my Mom's "yankee" heritage that is the foundation of our Thanksgiving meal in the Joubert/Pennell household.

Thanksgiving day always began with Mom's homemade doughnuts. Her delicious cake doughnut dough, lightly spiced and with a tinge of orange flavor, is deep fried in oil and then tossed in confectioner's sugar. They don't hang around long, because after my Dad is done putting a sizeable dent in the pile, my brothers usually finish them off.
Even after I got married and moved away, I still make Mom's doughnuts for Thanksgiving and Christmas; and my sisters and brothers still ask for them.

Our family usually has our dinner in the evening; after the guys get done with the hunting for the day.
(I am sorry if readers are offended by hunting - I realize some don't agree with hunting wild game. However, it is something my family has done forever - and we eat the harvest. I don't mean to offend!)

For years, when I was still living at home, my sister Naomi and I would go for a trail ride with our Dad while Mom watched over the turkey. Usually the weather was nice enough for us to saddle up and ride for a couple of hours before dinner.
We haven't done a Thanksgiving trail ride in a few years, though.

Ok, so here is our Thanksgiving menu in my family - year after year:

Turkey, and turkey gravy. (Gravy usually prepared by my brother Eli.)
Mom's bread stuffing (Not stuffed in the turkey, though. Yuk.)
Green Bean cassarole (Yeah, I know - not the most original, but a favorite nonetheless.)
Grandma's Waldorf salad (or, as my brothers like to say - "Waldork" salad)
Green Jello salad (Something I did several years ago, and it stuck)
Cranberry sauce and Mom's cranberry and orange relish
Mashed Potatoes.... made by my sister Noelle, who is ultra picky about how they're prepared.)
Pumpkin pie (Read the hilarious story about my pumpkin pie episode from last year HERE)
Pecan pie
Chocolate Pecan Pie (Introduced when my brother Eli married Sherry and she's been forced to bring it to Thanksgiving ever since!)
Pumpkin roll - (although, this is usually eaten for lunch and doesn't survive till suppertime. :))

What are your family's signature dishes at the Thanksgiving table? I'd love to hear about them!

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