Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Dilemma

Shopping Season is upon us. And here is the dilemma:
(Although, by definition, this isn't an actual dilemma, to be honest. Just a problem.)

December - Christmas
January - Kevin's Birthday
February - Valentine's Day
March - My birthday
April - Our Anniversary

Gift giving for us gets problematic fast. When we were first together and in our first year of being married, it was OK. Now, after just (going on) three years, I find myself wondering, for the first time, what in the heck to buy my DH for the next five months of gift giving occasions.

That, and I know he can never figure out what to give me..... because I don't know what I want to begin with.

I guess it's because we're very content people. Content and quite satisfied with what we have.

Which, if you ask me, is a good thing.

So what do I buy the Man who seriously has everything?

We don't rush out to get every latest electric gadget; and are satisfied with our old cell phones and computers (I did buy myself a new desktop this summer, because I had to have the extra storage space for all my Etsy photos, etc.). And we're more than happy with our ONE TV and DVD player only. So buying electronics for him is out. No Wiis, no I pads, etc. (But maybe a GPS......?)

He was a contractor at one time so he has two or three of every power tool imaginable, and a fancy enclosed trailer to haul them around in.

He did diesel wrenching for a long time so he has every automotive tool there is to buy, and a tool box the size of a small pick up truck to stash them in. So no tools.

He has all manner of guns for his favorite hobby - hunting; and a pretty gun cabinet with a etched glass door to lock them in. He has multiple fancy hunting knives and fancy tooled sheaths to stick them in, and every other hunting accessory money can buy. But I have been wanting one of those huge safes for the guns/ammo - the safes that cost around $5,000. The problem is the $5,000. I don't have it. Dang.

His other hobby is horseback riding - and our horses lack for nothing, so there is nothing to buy him for horseback riding, either.

His other love is tractors. And he has two boxes full of those little die cast scale model replicas stashed away in the closet. So I am NOT buying more scale replica tractors and combines and trucks and things just for the sake of Holiday gift giving.

I thought I would buy him a nice wrist watch; until he professed his utter hatred of them; and lectured about how they "got in his way" and how he can "look at the clock on his cell phone for the time just as well"....... oh well. No wristwatch.

So I am stuck with clothes, CDs, DVDs, and maybe a nice bottle of some fancy Adult Beverage.


What am I going to do for the next 100 five-months in a row gift giving seasons?! We're only three years in...........................

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Denise said...

We're 22 years in and we dont buy each other gifts really. We ask each other what they want and go get them that thing. We also go out on special dates on the particular special occasion. Just getting in the car and visiting a local attraction, having a picnic there is enough or spending a day doing nothing. The thing get to spend time with each other away from everything and make some memories.