Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Another Junque Transformation

Before: My mom bought this for some miniscule amount of money at a thrift shop, months ago. It had a lot of water damage and the maple veneer was bubbled up on the lower door, on the back, and a little bit on the back of the shelves. But even so, I could see it was a sturdy piece, and under the veneer was nice solid wood.

When purchasing pieces for re-styling, my number one rule is to always get a piece that is sturdy. No amount of paint and cuteseyness is going to be able to cover up a cheaply made, worn out, rickety item of furniture. Then you've wasted good money on paint and supplies. Above, my husband, Kevin, shoots on the paint (Glidden: "frosted pine" in flat) with our trusty paint sprayer in the back yard. I love this paint sprayer. So much better than brushing. Anyway, I did have to rip off all the bubbled veneer, and my handy Husband used a automotive body filler called "Bondo" to fill in the gaps. I was going to use wood putty, but he said in his experience, wood putty shrivels up and falls of, when used over large spaces. (Hubbs used to be a contractor, and has tons of experience with re-doing old homes/wood/barns/etc.) The bondo worked like a charm, even though I had to carve it and try to match the curve and shape of the piece. I think I got it pretty darned close to the original!


I painted the inside back of the shelved with a greenish-white color. It was Kevin's idea to paint the door the same color within the borders of the trim. Then I purchased glass antique repro knobs from Hobby Lobby - at 50% off! $6.00 for all three. Score! They really set off the piece, I think.

I am on a rampage of "back logged" re-style projects I've been putting off. I am on a anti-procrastination kick. Maybe it's the looming end of summer, or maybe it's some of the issues I am dealing with that are job-related.... but I am super motivated these days for getting things done.

I have some other cute stuff coming up.... so stay tuned.



Julie said...

What a beautiful job you did. It is unbelievable how good it is after when you've seen the before. J

Gracie Behrens said...

I think the color you use is just a great pick! I cant wait to see more!