Friday, August 10, 2012

Weeding Out The Collection.....

Remember this?

It's time to let some of them go. Sadly. I don't know why, but I am loosing my affinity for piles of things.

I am keeping my 30s Elsa Schiaparelli, some other rarer ones, favorite ones, and gifted ones, of course. But other superfluous hats must find other loving homes. Over 100 hats is just too many for one person, I think. Unless I am going to turn my house into a hat museum. Or unless I am going to wear them. I simply do not wear the hats. Maybe once a year or so, I wear one.  Most of these babies just stay hidden away in hat boxes like this:

Looking back, buying out the entire hat inventory of the closing antiques mall down the road a few years ago was a great idea, except I had trouble actually letting them go. 

These are all new listings; never been listed before now. Click on the links for purchasing information.

#1: Olive Green Straw Fedora
#2: 60s wool felt color block hat with large "statement" father  
#3: Black velvet 50s hat
#4: Black velour 60s hat that looks Edwardian to me, like it came from a Jane Austen movie
#5: Brown velour cloche style hat
#6: Off white pillbox with veil


Emma Litton said...

Ohhh my, soo many beautiful hats!


Beth said...

I have a feeling I'll be visiting your Etsy shop later...those hats are gorgeous!

Kellie said...

That pile of vintage hats made me eyes cross with envy... :smile: And the hatboxes! It's heaven.

I adore hats... yes indeed. Stunning collection!