Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shop Update: Fall Footwear

I am getting things rounded up for the upcoming change in seasons! I've added several hats -  mostly for fall and winter months; a lot of wool felts and velvet and things like that.

I also added a few new pairs of shoes today, including:

I have gotten really picky about what I buy for shoe inventory these days; as much of the inventory I do have is hard to move. And storage is limited. So I just kind of quit buying  vintage shoes unless they're my size and I can wear them. But these two pair were impossible to pass up. 

I have a lot of new dresses coming up in the next few weeks; I have spent all summer searching high and low for dresses that are vintage and on trend. I am working out a little dealio in the modeling department that I am excited about as well; hopefully the fall (and Spring dresses for you Aussies, as well!) review of dresses will be coming here in a couple of weeks.

And Christmas! Christmas is right around the corner! Cute things for the Christmas department, as well. Cool new things all around. :)

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