Thursday, September 13, 2012

On White & Wearing It After Labor Day

 Just a random old photo I found in some obscure file on my laptop.

Okay, Labor Day has come and gone, so it is officially time to quit wearing white shoes, my dear Southern Belles. Or white anything, really. Unless you're getting married. I think it is acceptable to wear white after Labor Day if you're wearing a white dress to get married in.


I don't know if it's a worldwide fashion law, or if I have just been stuck in the rural Old South for so long that I am just out of touch with the modern world - but I was raised believing that you started wearing white shoes, etc. on Easter and no earlier, and quit wearing white shoes, etc. at Labor day, and no longer.

It says so, in The Southern Belle Handbook.

And that goes for white, or linen, or straw bags, open toed shoes, sundresses, etc. 

I know a lot of people say that it doesn't matter anymore; that the whole "No white after Labor Day" rule is hogwash.

I still adhere to the "law" because I guess I have a deeply ingrained fear, drilled into me from girlhood, of being thought of or said to be "tacky". Nobody who was raised Southern wants to be tacky!

I wish my fear of tacky had been stronger in my teen years; because I was guilty of a lot of tacky in those days, unfortunately. 

 I really don't own many white things, come to think of it. I guess I figure if I just eliminate white from my wardrobe, that lessens my chances of accidentally venturing out the door sporting something white after the official cut off date.

So, it's time for me to do my big wardrobe switcheroo, and put away the white and such, and drag out some cardigans and long sleeve shirts and maybe a couple pairs of pjs suitable for chilly evenings.

It's time for me to have a pretty big wardrobe overhaul, too. Many of my long pants are "plumb woe out", (since we're discussing Southern-ness here) and my pjs are ratty and stained on the cuffs from feeding the chickens in them in the mornings because I am too lazy to get dressed till the last minute; my favorite casual flats actually have a hole in the toe; I have a total of two decent cardigans, and I threw out so many tops this past Spring -  I find I now have next to nothing to wear for chilly weather! So, yay for me, I get to do some shopping here very shortly.

But I won't be buying anything white, noooOOOOoooo. I wouldn't want the cashier at the store to think I was fixing to commit a desperate act of tacky. 

Have a lovely day, dears.


PS - I do not think you're tacky if you wear white after Labor day. It is a personal choice; this post is in complete jest. Please take no offense, if you do wear white all year round.

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