Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shop Update: All New Dress Listings!


I am so excited about my new selection of dresses. This is only half of them!!

I was beyond thrilled when my friend Mary agreed to do some modeling for me recently. Mary is the author of a fantastic fashion blog "Farytale Blog" and I've admired her fashion sense and modeling ability ever since she started. She's done a fantastic job!

The other half of the new dress selection is being photographed this week and I'll update with those new dresses later this week or early next week.

For info on sizing/purchasing the dresses above:

1. 80s black lace sleeveless cocktail dress - a real show stopper!! (By Diamond's Run - Wayne Diamond, designer)
2. Pink sundress 70s - 80s
3. 1960s yellow cotton and lace sheath dress (My personal favorite; I love this thing!)
4. 1930s style print dress with peplum (70s)
5. 60s aqua dress
6. 80s bubble skirt cocktail dress - another showstopper!!


Mary-Alice said...

Thank you for the mention! I had fun doing this. :) I'm posting a reference to your shop and blog as well. Good luck!

Hosanna said...

Thanks Mary!