Monday, October 8, 2012

Auction Junque

Hubbs and I hit an estate auction this past Saturday. I quickly scoped out the items and zeroed in on what I wanted; namely, a box of vintage purses, a old farm kitchen scale, a set of 4 white jadeite nesting mixing bowls, an antique lowboy dresser with the mirror attached that was simply adorable, and a box lot that included a really great old industrial style colander. Kevin set his heart on a hay bale conveyor out back at the barn.

Here is the thing about some auctions: sometimes you have to buy a whole "section" or "lot" of things to get the one item you really want. There is no picky-chooesy. You take the lot with your desired item, junk and all.

I lost the farm scale when it went into retail price range and I knew I could get one in better condition for the price they were bidding to.
I also lost on the jadeite when it went into the stratosphere. People go ape-doodoo over glassware; it's unbelievable some of the prices they were getting on the stuff. 
I lost the lowboy dresser and mirror when one of the deceased's family members outbid  me past my limit. I let it go, because obviously, it meant a lot more to that family member  than it did to me; I was just going to paint it and turn it.
At the last second I decided to go for the metal bed frame, because Kevin pointed out that it would be pretty painted. I won it for $2.50. 

I got my purses, my colander, and Kevin got his hay bale conveyor for a absurdly cheap price.

But we also got all this junk.

There were some goodies in among the box lots; like the milk glass, some silver spoons, etc. etc. But much of it went straight to the donation boxes. The pine wall shelf was a $2.50 last minute bid, which will be painted and distressed.
I wanted the box lot of purses just for the tooled leather purse on top with "Virginia" stamped on it. Because I live in Virginia, and I find it quaint and kitschy - and I love that. 

Here is my coveted old colander. I don't know why but I am just enthralled with it. Industrial, rustic fantastic-ness:

Altogether, with the items not pictured here, and Kevin's farm item, we paid less than $60.00.

Auctions rock.


Sarah McMurray said...

What size is that bed frame? Does it look like it'll take modern rails?

Susannah Forshey said...

I have that green glass vase. :) It is sitting on my kitchen windowsill with a cyclamen in it.

Hosanna said...

Sarah, the bed frame looks like it is a full size. There are rails with it, I just didn't picture them.
Su - I have a whole collection of green glass vases like this - I love them! And milk glass, too.