Monday, October 1, 2012

The Last Flowers Of Summer

I can't believe it is October already. I am kind of relieved - because this summer has been brutal and I am glad for cooler weather, and the Holidays. And pumpkin desserts, cozy clothes, toasty fires, hot tea, boots......... yeah. 

My flowers are still going strong, especially the zinnias. I am enjoying them while I can. 

Yep, that's Brutus, lounging inside yet another one of my furniture rescue projects which I will post about soon. 

Speaking of cats, this sweater is currently the most popular item in my Etsy shop, with more views and "hearts" than anything else I have posted of late. It's so kitschy I almost didn't buy it/list it but it was so "out there" I knew I had to!

Happy October, everyone. :)


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

Look at that cat sweater. I adore it.

Sarah said...

Great post! The flowers and cat are lovely. : )