Sunday, October 21, 2012

Shop Update: Autumn Inspired

A few new items in the shop this weekend and more to come this week. It's amazing how seasonally appropriate the majority of my inventory findings have been of late. Some things I am saving for next Spring, however. Somehow I just can't bring myself to list pretty spring hats, handbags and swimsuits for the folks in the southern hemisphere when I'm going around in sweaters and boots, and scuffing around in fuzzy slippers on cold wood floors.

1. Yellow knit cardigan sweater 1960s
2. Wool 2-piece wool suit, 1960s
3. Victoria's Secret dead stock black lace bralette with the original tag, 80s
4. Balenciaga metallic silver heels, 1960s
5. Leather Jewelry box
6. Suede leather & braided hemp espadrille wedges, Late 60s -1970s

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