Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blueberry Memories From Childhood

I found myself picking blueberries not long ago, and I had memories of a book my mother used to read to me called "Blueberries For Sal". (By Robert McCloskey.)
I then realized that I don't own that book.... so I immediately ordered a copy from a vintage book seller on Etsy.


Written in 1948, the story is about a mother and her young daughter going blueberry picking on a hillside in Maine.


They encounter some bears, and the bears encounter them, and - well - you just need to read it!

"Now, Sal, you run along and pick your own berries. Mother wants to take hers home and can them for next winter."


So I had these berries, and I had this book; and in the midst of it all, I had this distant memory of eating a pie that had something to do with blueberries and sour cream..... but I couldn't quite place the exact time, place, or taste.

I turned to one of my favorite forums - the Mary Jane's Farm Farmgirl Connection - and inquired about blueberry pies made with sour cream. I tried a couple of the suggestions, but none were like the faint memory of the pie I had eaten.

Then one day, I mentioned to my mom that I had gotten some fresh blueberries.

"Oh, you should make my sour cream and blueberry pie," she said.

I was all excited now. Questioning her, I found out that it was my mother's pie I was remembering. She quit making it when I was little, because my brothers decided they didn't like sour cream any more.

So today I made the pie - and it was exactly what I remembered.... a little taste of my childhood.


You can find my mom's recipe here.

Try the pie; and read the book!


Herb of Grace said...

I'm starting the think that the reason we girls have always been such great friends is that our mothers are practically clones of each other :)

Catherine said...

You're the second person who's told me about that book. It must be good! Now I want to know what happens with that bear!

Hosanna said...

Lis - one of many, many reasons. :)