Saturday, July 24, 2010


I thought I would post today, but it's too hot. It's about 100 degrees out, feeling like 110. No kidding.

That, and I found the most amazing post at one of my new favorite blogs, "Dandelion Daydreamer", written by an Irish girl living in south France, who also runs a amazing vintage Etsy shop of the same name.


The post is about a fairy cottage...... *sigh* Please take a look, it is absolutely dreamy.

Anyway, I went shopping this morning and I am so glad I did; I picked up a LOT of new hats, including this one:


I love the feather. This one I am planning to keep in my personal stash, as I can actually WEAR it.

I also scored this pair of shoes, that I believe are from the 70's, all leather, with a leather sole and wooden heel.



Lisa T. said...

Love the hat, you're so stinkin' cute!

I read the article about the cottage a few weeks ago. The lady who owns it lives in a camper the rest of the year with her husband and created the cottage with $3,000.00 from an old shed on her property in upstate New York. So neat.


Denise said...

Can I please go to that dreamy little white cottage?????

How could you POSSIBLY create such a beautiful place for only $3000???????????

Hosanna said...

I want one in my back yard..... it is sooooo cute!!

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