Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Something Beautiful

I love this photograph..... I love everything about it. I love the dresses; I love the bride's bouquet, I love the expression on her face, I love the whole thing.


I don't know why but I felt like sharing this random piece of beauty.

I haven't felt much like blogging recently; mostly because I think my life is boring and uninteresting.

I haven't been lurking around any cool yard sales recently; I haven't pounced upon any unsuspecting roadside dealio or unappreciated vintage treasure.

I have been helping my mom deal with some of my Grandmother's things, and feeling kind of melancholy.

I also can vegetables almost daily. I have done about 40 quarts or more of dill pickles, 20 or so quarts of green beans, and a dozen or so quarts of tomato sauce, salsa, and stewed tomatoes.

My garden is hopping and so is the kitchen.

I hope everyone is enjoying their summertime!
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Catherine said...

Beautiful picture! I love vintage wedding photos! :) Btw, did those jars of pickles we made ever seal? Mine didn't and I had to process them. I read in the Blue Book that heating up the jars helps them to seal but by then I had already put the cucumbers in and I wasn't about to start over. :P

Hosanna said...

Yeah, most of them sealed. I have about 4-5 jars in my fridge that didn't. And some may still unseal in time; but I don't mind.