Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Business Meeting

The seasons are on the verge of changing again, and with the changing of seasons, changes around here as well....

For starters, I deleted my cooking/food blog. I just wasn't keeping up with it. so from now on all my cooking and food posts will be here; and I apologize before hand to people who get bored by cooking posts. I try to keep my food posts interesting, mostly about cooking my own home grown produce, old-fashioned recipes, etc. etc. (I wish there was a way to categorize blogs into separate pages.... without building a whole site from scratch. Oh well.)

I am still keeping my horse blog around, even though I am not posting there at present. The horse department of my life has been really messed up since the death of my horses Major and Cavort in March; and this whole summer of struggling with the health of one of my other horses; living with the fear of him dying at any point - then discovering just how traumatized he was before I got him - it has been stressful and I have not been inspired to write about any of it - yet. So my horse blog followers who also follow along here - I am sorry! I promise, I still do have my horses, but it is complicated at present and I just don't feel like talking about it. Yet. Later. I have found a dressage coach in my area and I am scheduled to begin training with her in September; so I will be posting about my sessions with her. Woot!

Back to my cooking blog: Another reason I deleted the cooking blog is because I am giving serious thought to starting another blog (yeah, I know! Another one?!)dedicated to my Etsy shop happenings, and collecting vintage in general. I am trying to decide if it is worth the time and effort. I have come to the understanding from reading things on the Etsy forums, blog, etc. that "Etsy" blogs should not tend toward the personal stuff.... like this one. Thus my contemplation of a more "business", "professional", how-to, educational kind of blog for connecting to my Etsy shop.

What think you readers?

On the Etsy note: if you follow my shop regularly, you may have noticed I have not been adding new items as much; this is because I am letting most of my Spring/Summer inventory listings expire before I add the large amount of all new Fall and Winter items; which I am super excited about. I have been buying up all kinds of groovy stuff. I just have to get it all back from the cleaner's and get it photographed. And, I am still buying new things all the time, so..... yay!

Time to let the puppy out for a bathroom break. Chow!

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Denise said...

There is a way to add pages to your blog. I have been to several other blogs and they have them at the top labeled with different topics. You might want to check out the help topic here at blogger and see how to do it. That way you could have everything in one place. It would make it much easier for you.