Monday, January 31, 2011

MORE Pretty Rooms


I am preparing to re-do a room in our house as my office/den; and the photo above is my inspiration. I love the bookcases. I totally need that; for my inventory items, my shipping materials, my creative supplies, and other various trinkets and collections. Like my vintage sewing basket collection. And my hatboxes. And other stuff.

I was originally going to use the room as a "formal parlor" and stash all my antique stuff in there, and just sit in there and look at it. Then, when I started my Etsy business, I decided the space would be much better as an office/studio/den instead of wasted on a "formal parlor". So I want to have a sofa in there, to watch my Neflix BBC Masterpiece Theater shows on, and preferably have it be a pull-out sofa bed, for extra guests not staying upstairs in the guestroom.

And then there is this:


If my one and only bathroom wasn't the size of a walk-in closet, I would beg and plead with my husband to create this awesome, luxurious bathroom for me. Look at the dressing table placed over the tub! (Okay, so that kinda makes me scratch my head a bit. Who puts on their face in the tub - or does their hair in the tub, for that matter?)
I just want to walk into this photo and have a nice bath, right now!

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Susannah Forshey said...

Acckk! I love the bathroom!!! I have a real thing for must be a remnant from childhood "tents", you know? Forts that were uber-cool with hanging blankets, cozy cave-like environment....yeah. That's got to be it. Sitting in a tub, surrounded by drapery, with a furry rug to step onto when you get's pretty dreamy. :)

Amg-Arts said...

Oh I so love that white desk and chair, great room but so want the desk :)