Thursday, January 27, 2011

Vintage Bling and Baubles

One of my personal joys recently has been working on my vintage jewelry collection. I prefer wearing one or two "statement" pieces, rather than wearing every piece of jewelry I own all at once.

Here are some recent items I acquired:


This old ring is so cool. I am not sure of how old it is, exactly. The thing is heavy as lead! The "stone" is actually a piece of shell, or mother of pearl. I purchased this at a local charity thrift shop.


An Etsy find - I had to have it for it's square stone - which is actually purple glass. In rolled gold plate. I also liked the sweet little bows on the side.


Another Etsy find - I snatched it up (figuratively speaking) as soon as I saw it. I loved the rose motif on the ivory colored bangle. LOVE this.


I made this one. As a little girl I loved to look through my mom's button box at all the cool old buttons she had in there. Buttons were so lovely back in "the day"... they were like little pieces of jewelry, sewn onto the garments.

So, when I ended up with a tin of old buttons from Great Aunts, Great Grandmas, Grandma, and who knows what other relatives, I held onto them until the perfect project came along. This was it.

I attached the buttons onto a charm bracelet with jump rings, and included a tiny skeleton key, two new gold tone shoe buttons, and a few little charms and tiny jingle bells I had and now I have the "Grandma's Button Box" charm bracelet. Some of the buttons are from the 20's and before.

I am currently looking for more materials for make these to offer for sale in my Etsy shop. (But vintage buttons are expensive to buy!)

My jewelry box is stuffed; and I think I am going to have to ask my Man to buy me one of those small chest of drawer style jewelry armories for my upcoming birthday. Um, yes. I like that plan. Any other ideas on displaying and storing oodles of bling and baubles?

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Prairie Princess said...

Ooh, those rings are darling! The top one is my fav. You always find the best goodies when you shop!! If you put that top one on your etsy.............. :D