Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pretty Rooms, Vintage Style

I guess I am different from a lot of vintage loving girls; as far as my decorating style goes - because I do not like the 1950s "Atomic" style decor. And "Atomic", 1950's "Mod" decor seems to be the "going thing" among the vintage loving set of folks. I have nothing personal against it, I just prefer a more old-fashioned style of decor.

The husband and I have a 1920s farm house, and we're renovating it and re-decorating it; in a style that is decidedly more "cottage Victorian" than anything else.

Here are some images of bedrooms that are inspiring to me (- these are not my house).



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From Country Living

I adore iron beds. I have been searching desperately for an iron bed for almost 2 years now. I am quite determined to have one this year; if it means going to every antique auction in Virginia and North Carolina to get one.

In my decorating, I decide what items I want/need for a room, and then I wait until I find just the right thing. It could take years..... but I wait until I find it, and make do with something else until then. I don't buy anything new or modern; almost everything in the house is antique and vintage.

So I am waiting and searching for the iron bed. And the perfect china cabinet to complement my "new" antique oak dining table (an auction score). I am waiting for a wardrobe, and I am waiting for a sofa for my office/den. It is a lot like being single and waiting for the right guy to come along.

I like the "shabby chic" style, but with rustic touches; like the first and last photos. I don't like everything to be the same boring shade of bright white, and I do not like how some shabby chic decorators go overboard with pink paint and busy floral fabrics on every thing.

I like neutral walls, wood floors, (especially the floor in the first photo) and hardly anything cluttering up my windows. I do not like "drapes" and they make smaller rooms feel choked, dark, stuffy, and overdone. And by smaller rooms, I mean anything smaller than a ball room in an 1700s era English Manor house. I hate wallpaper - in almost all cases. I love a room to have at least one "woven" or wicker accent someplace.
I like to enter a room and have my mind be relaxed - not busy taking in 10,000 details and then feel completely smothered in it.

Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday! I intend to take in some sunshine and probably ride one of my horses for a bit.


Catherine said...

Pretty pictures. I agree about hating busy rooms. My ideal room is a room that is cheerful yet serene.

Amg-Arts said...

oh loving your pictures love getting inspiration especially since trying to fix up our old cottage. :)

Craft Room said...

I loved your blog.
also my hope is in Jesus and also love vintage decor.