Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Saving Flower Seeds



 As the blooms on my flowers and plants dry up, I've been collecting them for their seeds. I keep them sorted out in these old jars and make sure they're labeled so I know what is what next spring. I'm hoping to expand my "cut flower" selections next year. I've not been cutting a single one; so I have all the seed I can get from them. 

 I especially love the zinnias!

 The hollyhock seed I kinda stole. I'm a board member of the Preservation and Beautification Society in my historical hometown; and we plant and maintain large concrete flower "barrels" along the sidewalks in the town. The members of the society take turns watering the plants, and on my last rounds, I happened upon some hollyhocks that were growing along the sides of one of the old shop buildings that is up for sale. Someone had come along and cut them all down. But I scoured around the area and found a good hand full of the seed pods.
I am so looking forward to a lovely batch of old fashioned hollyhocks next year!

 Do any of you save seeds for replanting the following year?


Catherine said...

What a great idea! I love hollyhocks. Especially the double blossomed ones. By the by, have y'all gotten a second cutting of hay from the Graydon's land yet? :)

Hosanna said...

Not yet; too dry. Probably in Sept. - I'll let you know when we do and you can come take a look. :)

Catherine said...

Thanks! I'll come out and look it over one weekend when I'm back from school. :)