Saturday, October 15, 2011

Etsy Shop Update and SALE

A little shameless self promotion here..... hey It's my blog so I can promote a little bit, right? Hee hee

It's closet cleaning and wardrobe switching around time of the year; I've been doing it in my own closets and drawers and I am doing it in my Etsy inventory as well.

You know how they say you should toss anything you haven't worn in a year? Well, I have stuff that has been listed in my Etsy shop since DAY ONE and I guess nobody is interested in it, so I won't be renewing those listings.

Plus, I am kind of trying to give my shop a face lift and a certain "vibe", which entails ridding it of certain eras - like the 70s. And the 80s. I am just not going to do the 70s and 80s anymore, unless it is the 70s Victorian revival stuff, like Gunne Sax, Jessica McClintock, and Sarah Coventry, etc. Polyester = buh-bye. A lot of this stuff has already been pitched (dumped on eBay/stashed in storage for a later vintage fair or something).

As a result, I am having a "purge sale" in the shop. Many dresses are on sale, and I am offering free shipping on some, as well.

Plus some items are on sale at a "final reduction" price. Because once they're gone, they're.... well, totally gone. Not even coming back for next year. Buh-bye.

I am shooting for a really girly-girl, Victorian inspired, sweet and pretty, sappy kinds of items only shop. A shop for the hopeless romantics. Not the hip and modern, funky and bold ladies. (Nothing against it, because I love that too!) I just need to focus. I am also trying to free up some space (and time) for adding more Shabby Cottage decor and housewares after Christmas. Cutting back on my clothing is a start.

I have been working like mad to try and improve my photos (not always successful but I am trying).

There is no sale going on in shop #2, however. It's still too young and getting going. I still have piles of stuff for listing there; I just need to get motivated in the photography department. I've been really discouraged about my cruddy pics but I have only the one puny camera for the moment.

So anyways if you want to check out the free shipping items (free shipping is only to the USA; I can't afford to offer free shipping internationally, sadly.) the sale items, and the final reduction items, click over to my shop Carolina Roses.

And as a special treat to you readers: Convo me if you're buying AND a follower of this blog and receive a FREE GIFT with your purchase. :)

Thanks for listening to my little commercial/blurb and do have a great rest of your weekend! :D

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