Monday, January 2, 2012

The Last Awesome Find of 2011

I found - and bought - a lot of great stuff in 2011. I also sold a LOT of great stuff, to my wonderful customers.

But on the last day of the year, I really found a doosey.

I loaded up some trash and a bag of give-away items and headed for our "Green Boxes" down the road.

Some of you may remember the "Green Box"..... it is our county's recycling and trash collection site; and it is a very well kept place. Neat, tidy, organized, and there is this lovely little building where you can leave items for giving away, or take items. That way, they don't all end up in the landfills. I have found super cool stuff at the Green Boxes.

So when I took my recycling and my give-away bag on Saturday, I peeped into the give-away building and nearly had a heart attack.

Because there, on the bench inside, was a large cardboard box - overflowing with VINTAGE HATS.


That little chorus of angels in my head that sings when I find awesomeness for next to nothing - or, in this case, nothing at all - started singing not just the Hallelujah chorus, but a rousing Southern Gospel version of it, and the little angels were shouting and dancing and beating on tambourines in a joyous frenzy!

The hats came home with me. There were 15 hats in the box. Felts, velvet, silk flowers, tulle, satin ribbons, intricate straw, feathers, beads...... even my husband's jaw dropped when I took the box out of the car. He loves what I do.

It was the best way to end the year. It kind of made up for the fact that I worked over 24 hours straight into the new year, and rang it in at work instead of partying with my honey bun somewhere.

Happy New Year, everyone!


Miss Tallulah Porkchop said...

I am so envious, I collect vintage hats and there is nothing better than a vintage hat haul.

Happy New Year.


Herb of Grace said...

Your hoedown angels with tambourines made me LOL :)